SAL “Tiny Treasures” #10

Above is the photo from last time.  Three weeks on, things look like this.

and a zoom in for better look at colours & details.

This gorgeous blackwork design, “Tiny Treasures” by Elizabeth Almond is available for free on Blackwork Journey.

Let’s hop along over to blogs of fellow SAL members.  Avis and I are both working on the same project (in different colours) but everyone is free to choose the project they fancy working on, and showing progress every 3 weeks.

AvisGunCaroleConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyMeganDeborahMary MargaretReneeCarmelaSharonDaisyAnneConnieAJJennyLauraCathieLindaHelen

And we’ll be back again on 21st March.

38 thoughts on “SAL “Tiny Treasures” #10

    • thank you Carmela.
      Very frustrating not to be able to comment on your blog, but your trio of horses is coming along nicely.

    • the close up is to admire true colours ^^ I’m having trouble getting a decent photo of the whole thing now since it keeps getting longer and longer.

  1. I just realized that some of your boxes are in different locations from Avis’. Took me long enough. This is so very pretty. I love the floss combination of the second box from the left in that most recent row.

      • did you? I remember you stitching the “Save the Stitches” one, but didn’t realise you’d done Box of Delights. Liz also designed the Pandora’s Box which looks lovely, but not enough time to do them all ^^

      • you’ve waited this long to take a peek? Liz has some lovely designs available for free on that site. I was tempted by the Box of Delights when it came out but was too busy on something else. I’m glad Avis and I decided on Tiny Treasures because it really is a joy to stitch, and haven’t got bored once!

  2. I assume you and Avis plan where you are stitching so that you stay together, do you never get tempted to do just a bit more lol. It was the thing that put me off traditional Sals that either we were given one small part to do so we all went at the same pace – which often left me itching for the next bit – or some people seemed to do nothing but stitch all day so would be racing ahead, leaving those with less time to feel like they were falling behind, and lose heart, with many just dropping out.

    • yes we always consult, when we’re stitching the same design so that we go at the same pace. We both have other crafty projects to do on our agenda, so we agreed to keep stages fairly small to give ourselves time to pick up other projects every 3 weeks and not feel “slaves” to the SAL. This project has been much less stitch intensive than previous projects we’ve both worked on. You might remember “Getting Ready” which had rather a lot of work in it, and pushed us both to stitch longer hours ^^ On Tiny Treasures, I think we’ve both enjoyed the slow pace as it all comes together. The fun being in the journey, not the destination ^^

  3. Thank you for the close-up image, it’s great to see the colors and the details in the different patterns! I feel like I could look at this piece for hours and notice something different every time.

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