down a rabbit hole #1 “diamond painting”

I mentioned the other day, that I’d been diving down a few rabbit holes . . . spending lots of time on the internet, and checking out new (to me) occupations.  Which, of course, led to Mr Visa being waved about somewhat, but that couldn’t be helped lol.

Anyway, the first rabbit hole I went down was looking at “diamond painting”.  I initially thought the husband might fancy trying his hand at that.  Looks like a hobby where you need good eye-sight, a steady hand, and lots of patience.  He has all three.  I therefore ordered in a couple of small kits.  Sadly, he didn’t appear to be as excited about the idea as me, and kits sat on the counter for a while, with the husband taking no interest whatsoever.  I was itching to have a go myself, so . . .

I spent a very relaxing couple of hours, having fun, sticking down all these pretty gems, and made a bookmark.  There were actually two bookmarks to make in the kit (I’m still hoping the husband will be tempted to do the second one).  It’s quite “bling” but I love the colours, blues & purples . . . and the tassle is gorgeous!

Then, I opened up a second kit

And had more fun working on a mandala design.  The canvas is printed in such vivid colours and the gems make it lovely and sparkly.  This design measures 19cm square, on a 25cm square canvas.  I enjoyed myself so much, I’ve been and ordered a “real” diamond painting kit (which will be full coverage). More about that another day!


24 thoughts on “down a rabbit hole #1 “diamond painting”

    • yes I’m obviously a bit behind the times because I think this came out a few years ago ^^ It’s fun though and I’m enjoying catching up on lost time!

    • it is fun Sharon! but may I suggest you look closely and only buy (if you decide to) items you can see the result of. Many sellers just show a poster picture of original design, and that’s not fair on buyers.

    • not very fiddly ^^ Comes with a stylus-type pen which has hollow tip. A flat piece of wax (and you stick nip of “pen” in that). Then you pick up the gems with stylus and stick ’em down ^^ Quite addictive actually.

  1. Pretty! I hope the adhesive is strong; I’ve been given kits here where you stuck things on, but because of the heat the glue degrades and you end up with a slow shower of tiny bits falling off.

    • it’s like dipping a paint brush in paint and then making dots on paper lol because it’s a question of picking up drills with the special pen and placing them in the right spot. It’s not particularly creative because the design is already printed and you just follow symbols, but it’s very restful to do.

    • to be honest, I do a lot of cross stitch designs, and when finished, I just put them in a drawer, so I’m not really bothered about the “what to do after” question with this craft. I just enjoy the process.

    • these were my first ^^ Not “proper” diamond painting as these had all different sized & shaped gems. The “proper” ones has all round or all square “drills”.

    • now you’ve seen them here, you’ll see them everywhere lol.
      Word of warning, it’s very addictive!
      And if you do decide to give it a go, make sure you only buy something where you can see photos of what finished result will look like (don’t rely on glossy cover photos). The larger the design size (for the diamond painting pictures) the more detail you’ll get. Too small a format and it’ll be too pixelated. Makes no difference on the bookmark & mandala I did, but I’ve already moved to the next level lol.

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