Zodiac WIP

Days seem to be whizzing by this month  and I realise I forgot to show you progress with my zodiac patchwork.

This is how far I am. Blocks not laid out in any particular order, just as proof that I got around to sewing all twelve.  Next job will be to add an outer border to each as I’ve decided I’m going to QAYG with these blocks.  I spent far too many hours on the cross stitched centres to want to ruin things by attempting to quilt all in one go.  One block at a time will make it more maneageable.  In the meantime, I’ve managed to stick my nose down a couple of new rabbit holes . . . which means precious crafting time has been wasted watching videos on-line “researching” new crafting ideas.  If things go to plan, I’ll tell you about those in due course!

15 thoughts on “Zodiac WIP

    • do I really need to look that far ahead???
      it’ll just be another lap quilt I expect, to drape on the sofa, get covered in cat hair. I craft to keep myself amused, and I never really wonder what’s going to happen to something once it’s finished. My Nature’s Walk blanket just got stuffed in a cupboard last year, never been used, because I fear the cats will claw it to death!

    • I’m always amazed at the erratic way my brain functions! I set off, doing some research for one thing on the internet, see an interesting link, click, and before I know it, I’ve discovered something else that captures my interest!

  1. Its looking really good to me though not sure what you talking about when you saying whats next – well i am not a quilter. I too have had my nose down the rabbit hole called YouTube, Bought the stuff – now just trying to find the courage to make the start, but I am feeling excited, xx

    • oooh what is it that has caught your attention and tickled your fancy?
      For the non-quilter that you are QAYG (Quilt as you go) is a method whereby blocks are quilted as individual blocks, then attached tgoether with very thin strips as opposed to the usual method which is to assemble all blocks into one big piece then quilt the big piece as a whole. QAYG has the advantage of only having small pieces to work on at a time and, for someone like me who isn’t very confident with the quilting part, it’s quite a good option.

      • Ahh! get it now. I had a friend who made quilts, but paid someone to quilt them for her as she had no room for a long arm machine (think that what it called – basically a machine with enough room to get the whole quilt under), which is one thing that made me always resist quilting. Though I keep looking at Kathy’s quilt and am a bit tempted to have a go at that sort of thing as it would make beautiful cushions. As for what I has tickled my fancy all I will say is I have collected the stuff for it for a while and now I have found a tutorial on youtube that really has me itching to try and make a start. The decks are clear so today may well be the day I plunge xxx

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