ScrapHappy # February

It’s 15th of the month, time to link up with an international group of bloggers who all enjoy making use of their scraps.

For this time, I delved into my bag of leftover and odd ball yarns
because, when visiting my local library the other week, I was given this flyer.
Apparently, our little village (population 1600) is going to take part in a yarn bomb later on in the year.  Knitters and crocheters have been asked to make squares: 20cm x 20cm and/or 15cm x 15cm which will be sewn together to decorate some of the buildings in the village centre.  I therefore set to work, with my crochet hook and one of the charts from the Nature’s Walk CAL.
And so far, I’ve crocheted six 15cm x 15cm squares.
I also made a couple of pompoms
Templates cut from the back of a Christmas card.
to finish off a knitted doll hat.

16 thoughts on “ScrapHappy # February

  1. A village close to ours when in France made a terrific job of a yarn bombing – do you remember the photos? They made huge hoops with crocheted circular designs inside which they hung en masse rom buildings and they looked brilliant, especially when the sun shone through and made patterns on the walls and the ground. A lot of work though. However, your village is doing it, a yarn bombing is always good fun and I’m sure will cheer everyone up.
    The hat is cute – I’m struggling with the little onesie pattern for a bjd at the moment and did wonder about knitting something for it instead but most patterns seem to use DPDs which I don’t like.

    • I do remember photos on your blog about that! I doubt our local event will be anywhere near as artistic, but I thought it was about time I started taking part in local life. We’ve been here 6 years and I hardly know anyone. The husband, on the other hand, did the census a few years ago, so he knows half the village lol.

    • the event won’t be until late summer, early autumn, I think. Not really sure as no official date has been given yet. Maybe pending on Covid restrictions because we’ll need to get together to assemble squares.

    • I suggest you google ^^ I’m sure our local yarn bomb won’t be as spectacular as some of the examples you can find in google images!

  2. What fun! The heart pattern is very nice…I like the idea of yarn-bombing, but I wish there was a less bellicose name for it in English – what is it called in French? The dolly hat is cute too.

    • I think it’s called “tricot graffiti” in French, “tricot” being the French for knitting. I rather like the term “yarn bomb” myself lol.

  3. Yarn bobbing is very popular here, it does look lovely. So far I have not participated, as we do not have a designated group or flyer. Perhaps we need one. Granny squares a therapeutic and a very quick win when you have a larger project on the go

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