do you remember this?

Do you remember this xstitch project?

The complete set of 12 zodiac signs (kit – Vervaco) that I stitched from 2015 – 2016, completing the set of 12 in June 2016.  The kit contained all 12 charts, but  14 count aida & threads to stitch just one design.  I therefore chose to stitch on 20 count aida, and chose my own blues & browns.  Each design finished at 9cm x 9cm and I put these away in a drawer, knowing that one day I would set to work on finishing them in a patchwork.

The time has come (only 4 and a half years later!).

I have trimmed the aida squares down to the required size, and spent 2 very pleasant afternoons in my sewing room preparing fabrics for my blocks.

This is the block I’ll be making, and the zodiac squares will be the central patch of each.  Fingers crossed everything comes together nicely!

18 thoughts on “do you remember this?

    • thanks Lynn ^^ I might add different fabrics when I get to the sashing part, or I might stick with the two blues . . . as usual, I’ll be making it up as I go along.

  1. I Do remember these zodiac cross stitches. Stunning, and the block design you have chosen is perfect combination of two lovely crafts. Waiting with anticipation for this finish. You have inspired me once again.

    • thanks Kathy ^^ I did Wonder whether to use browns because of the browns in cross stitch, but have kept to blue and added grey because it just felt right.

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