SAL “Tiny Treasures” #10

Above is the photo from last time.  Three weeks on, things look like this.

and a zoom in for better look at colours & details.

This gorgeous blackwork design, “Tiny Treasures” by Elizabeth Almond is available for free on Blackwork Journey.

Let’s hop along over to blogs of fellow SAL members.  Avis and I are both working on the same project (in different colours) but everyone is free to choose the project they fancy working on, and showing progress every 3 weeks.

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And we’ll be back again on 21st March.

down a rabbit hole #1 “diamond painting”

I mentioned the other day, that I’d been diving down a few rabbit holes . . . spending lots of time on the internet, and checking out new (to me) occupations.  Which, of course, led to Mr Visa being waved about somewhat, but that couldn’t be helped lol.

Anyway, the first rabbit hole I went down was looking at “diamond painting”.  I initially thought the husband might fancy trying his hand at that.  Looks like a hobby where you need good eye-sight, a steady hand, and lots of patience.  He has all three.  I therefore ordered in a couple of small kits.  Sadly, he didn’t appear to be as excited about the idea as me, and kits sat on the counter for a while, with the husband taking no interest whatsoever.  I was itching to have a go myself, so . . .

I spent a very relaxing couple of hours, having fun, sticking down all these pretty gems, and made a bookmark.  There were actually two bookmarks to make in the kit (I’m still hoping the husband will be tempted to do the second one).  It’s quite “bling” but I love the colours, blues & purples . . . and the tassle is gorgeous!

Then, I opened up a second kit

And had more fun working on a mandala design.  The canvas is printed in such vivid colours and the gems make it lovely and sparkly.  This design measures 19cm square, on a 25cm square canvas.  I enjoyed myself so much, I’ve been and ordered a “real” diamond painting kit (which will be full coverage). More about that another day!


a couple of cards

I was in need of a couple of cards earlier this month, and my little stash of shop-bought cards was looking very meagre so what to do?  Rifle through pages of past issues of cross stitch magazines in search of something quick and fun to stitch!   I found what I needed in the March 2012 issue of “Cross Stitcher” magazine.  Designs by Jane Prutton.

Magazine info said each design would take approximately 6 hours to stitch.  I reckoned I could find the time, and I did.  First one stitched was this cute tortoise for a neighbour’s birthday on 10th February.  She has two tortoise, so this design was perfect.  I made mine slightly brighter than the magazine version, fringed my aida and stuck to a green chequered card with 4 pretty flowers to finish it off.

Then I set to work on a second design, again, choosing my own colours.

Stitching this wise little owl and finishing on a stripey blue card with some blue rick rack, and getting it in the post in time for my sister’s birthday on 20th.

Both were well-received, and I realise I ought to find time in my crafting week to get ahead with a few more cards . . . because there are more birthdays in the family next month!

Zodiac WIP

Days seem to be whizzing by this month  and I realise I forgot to show you progress with my zodiac patchwork.

This is how far I am. Blocks not laid out in any particular order, just as proof that I got around to sewing all twelve.  Next job will be to add an outer border to each as I’ve decided I’m going to QAYG with these blocks.  I spent far too many hours on the cross stitched centres to want to ruin things by attempting to quilt all in one go.  One block at a time will make it more maneageable.  In the meantime, I’ve managed to stick my nose down a couple of new rabbit holes . . . which means precious crafting time has been wasted watching videos on-line “researching” new crafting ideas.  If things go to plan, I’ll tell you about those in due course!

ScrapHappy # February

It’s 15th of the month, time to link up with an international group of bloggers who all enjoy making use of their scraps.

For this time, I delved into my bag of leftover and odd ball yarns
because, when visiting my local library the other week, I was given this flyer.
Apparently, our little village (population 1600) is going to take part in a yarn bomb later on in the year.  Knitters and crocheters have been asked to make squares: 20cm x 20cm and/or 15cm x 15cm which will be sewn together to decorate some of the buildings in the village centre.  I therefore set to work, with my crochet hook and one of the charts from the Nature’s Walk CAL.
And so far, I’ve crocheted six 15cm x 15cm squares.
I also made a couple of pompoms
Templates cut from the back of a Christmas card.
to finish off a knitted doll hat.

WIPs in progress

I’ve been making progress on two different projects these past few days. One is my current xstitch WIP which has evolved from


I need good lighting to stitch on this because some of the colours look very similar, but it’s looking very pretty so far.

That’s my evening occupation.  During the daytime, I’ve had a few sessions in my sewing room with Juki, making progress with my current Zodiac quilt (cross stitch squares, design by Vervaco).

After prepping all my patches the other day, I sewed them together to make the rows of 3.  And assembled my first block, to see how it looks.

I’m happy with that!  So, another 11 blocks to assemble, and while doing that, I’ll be thinking about what to do for the next stage.

SAL update “Tiny Treasures” #9

Hello everyone . . . time to show off progress on the lovely blackwork design by Elizabeth Almond that’s been keeping me amused since September last year:  “Tiny Treasures”.  Three weeks ago things looked like this

And for this time, it looks like this

That’s 10 rows of 4 squares done . . . only another 3 rows to stitch – yay!

I’m stitching along with a large group of talented members . . . full list of blog link here:

And we’ll be back on 28th February with a fresh update.

do you remember this?

Do you remember this xstitch project?

The complete set of 12 zodiac signs (kit – Vervaco) that I stitched from 2015 – 2016, completing the set of 12 in June 2016.  The kit contained all 12 charts, but  14 count aida & threads to stitch just one design.  I therefore chose to stitch on 20 count aida, and chose my own blues & browns.  Each design finished at 9cm x 9cm and I put these away in a drawer, knowing that one day I would set to work on finishing them in a patchwork.

The time has come (only 4 and a half years later!).

I have trimmed the aida squares down to the required size, and spent 2 very pleasant afternoons in my sewing room preparing fabrics for my blocks.

This is the block I’ll be making, and the zodiac squares will be the central patch of each.  Fingers crossed everything comes together nicely!