best layer of the month #January

It’s 31st January already!  So, after a quick phone call to Mr Tattoo, to wish him a happy 33rd birthday, it’s time to tot up egg total for the month.

Egg count is down from normal, partly (I think) because of the weather we’ve been having.  We had a couple of snow falls this month

About 10cm in those photos, and the hens were rather perplexed by all that white stuff covering the ground in their enclosure.  I had to rake a clear space so that they could see grass poking through before they agreed to get back to their normal activity of pecking & scratching.  A bowl of daily “treats” helped too.

Anyway, for January there were a total of 67 eggs.  From left to right in photos: Mauricette laid 18, Ruby laid 23 and Florence (our black Medici) laid 26.

10 thoughts on “best layer of the month #January

  1. You’ve had quite a bit of snow and Florence takes the crown this month…way to go Florence. So far so good here with very little snow. It feels more like a cold fall with temps mostly in the 40’s. Just lots of rain. (hope I haven’t jinx us now 🙂 Stay toasty warm!

    • our gals don’t seem to mind the cold (ie minus tempratures) as long as they’ve got a warm coop to sleep in but snow on the ground really threw them.

  2. I can only image, its a balmy 23C here, nil breeze. When I watch a movie it seems so romantic, the snow, walking along holding hands with your loved one. The work, of clearing a path for your chickens to find grass, or to clear the car off to use never crosses my mind. Keep warm and safe xx

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