totally unnecessary

The other day I owned up to having done some on-line retail therapy . . . today I have to own up to having done some more retail therapy, that was totally unnecessary!

There was I, in Lidl, with my mask and big shopping trolley, while the husband checked the shopping list for all the essentials we were out to buy (the usual UHT milk, coffee, salted butter, loo roll, washing-up liquid etc) and I, of course, couldn’t resist wandering into their non-essential aisles, where I found

No, I’m not planning on knitting socks, despite what those labels show!  Couldn’t resist this yarn though!  It’s a cotton, acrylic, polyamide mix, each pack contains 2 x 100g and it was 5.99€ per pack.  To be knit on quite a small needle, I’m thinking: doll clothes!!!  And while rifling through the yarn, I also found the last pack of bamboo circular needles in the shop.  No, I don’t plan on knitting anything in super duper chunky either, but these were 2 sizes missing from my circular needle stash and for 1.99€ I wasn’t going to leave them in the shop!  And final item: a packet of 2 bodkin type needles – always useful.

And, because I’m rather pleased with cross stitch progress . . . here’s a photo I posted last week, of the start on a new cross stitch kit.

Things have progressed since.

I’m actually stitching this with one of neighbours’ children in mind.  You’ve heard me mention Cléo before – one of the girls who lives directly opposite.  Her birthday is in May.  She’ll be 11 this coming birthday.   Last year, you may remember,  the husband and I concocted a magical homemade present, with a hand-crafted magic wand, authenticity certificate in a velvet pouch.

This year I plan on stitching the dream catcher project and gifting that, framed.  That’s giving myself a dead-line but it’s do-able.



12 thoughts on “totally unnecessary

  1. I’m glad you started the dream catcher since it is my favourite and lucky Cléo to be the recipient. Enjoy your ‘non-essential’ purchase . . . I agree with tialys.

  2. We all have to do some retail therapy sometimes. I have to admit since Covid has started, I have bought more patterns, fabric then I used to. I do not ever have to go into my needlework store ever again. I have finished one project Cricket Collections Free Range and plan to get it framed in case this September we have our State Fair. I am close on finishing another project.
    Seeing your yarn has got to me thinking of getting back into knitting .

    • hope so ^^ I’m enjoying stitching it. Makes a change from previous projects which are usually very bright, whereas this one is pastels.

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