a bit of xstitch retail therapy

With all this “stay home & save lives” I was in need of some retail therapy (on-line) to cheer me up.  Suddenly discovered, that with the new Brexit rules, a lot of UK-based on-line shops where I love to spend my pennies are not shipping to EU countries at the moment – shock horror!!!!  But I do also have several favourite French on-line shops and am always happy to discover new ones.  Anyway, I was browsing, as you do, and kept seeing pop-up thingies wanting me to go visit La Maison du Canevas, which is based in Saint Nazaire, France . . . so I did.  And found several kits that caught my eye.

Colours are much brighter in real life!  Funnily enough these two, were made in Moldova but marketed by Letistitch, which has a London, UK address.  So if you live in the UK just Google Letistitch and you can buy directly from them.  A third kit in my basket, made in Russia.


It had been such a long time since I treated myself to any cross stitch supplies. I think the last time was about 4 years ago, just before sewandso went out of business.  Anyway, I’m a happy bunny.  La Maison du Canevas dispatched quickly and all three kits look very good. The Letistitch ones especially are very well packaged with very clear charts, Zweigart aida and Anchor threads all pre-sorted.

Since I’m not working on any cross stitch projects at the moment (my SAL project being blackwork) I made a start on a dream catcher.

Doesn’t look like much for now, but it’s 16 count aida so stitches are small.