finished neck/shoulder warmer

I really do seem to be on a roll with knitting (and some more stash busting for this one).

This was the beginning, with a photo from the pattern so you can see what I’m up to.  Pattern is free downloadable King Cole 5624 and this is one of the seven items from the pattern.  I had some James C. Brett marbled chunky left over from when I knitted myself a (sideways) jacket in the Spring last year. You may remember this photo

That shows true colours of yarn.  Anyway, I had some of that yarn left, and it seemed to lend itself to this King Cole pattern.  The neck/shoulder warmer is actually knit flat, on circular needles (because at starting point there are 170 stitches to cast on).  Seam is then sewn up at the end.

Here it is while I blocked outer edges (which still want to curl up) and here it is on.

It was fun to make, is lovely and warm, although the ribbed neck could have done with being slightly snugger.  That’s probably to do with me using James Brett yarn with a King Cole pattern.  I’ll probably be wearing this indoors, in the evenings, when I want a bit of extra warmth rather than have the heating on full blast.

13 thoughts on “finished neck/shoulder warmer

  1. That looks beautifully warm and snuggly. I think in the old days they’d have called that a capelet, but perhaps it doesn’t count if it doesn’t have a hood. Either way, I like the name, I find it a bit less cumbersome than neck/shoulder warmer 🙂

  2. Doing well with the stash busting Claire.
    I had to take back some rows on the jumper I’m knitting last night and I got in a right tiz because, although it’s a rib, the knit stitch is done by knitting into the row beneath so when I tried to undo it and pick it back up again I was getting into all sorts of trouble. Shouldn’t try to watch The Crown at the same time I suppose.

  3. When I was young Claire these were quite fashionable, I bought my first one from M&S and then my Mum said she could knit them for a fraction of that price and promptly made me a few in different colours. Like you said, they were more snuggly at the neck more like a proper polo, but I loved them. So much easier and warmer than scarves on a really cold day. The only difference was rather than going in a circle they had a flap back and front and shoulders were open.

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