SAL Tiny Treasures #8

Hello everyone!  Another three weeks have flown by, therefore it’s time to take a photo of my SAL project and show you latest progress on “Tiny Treasures” by Elizabeth Almond (Blackwork Journey). Last time things looked like this

For this time, it looks like this

Another four squares filled in, and outlines stitched ready for the next row.

For those of you wondering when this gorgeous piece will ever end . . . Avis and I now have 9 rows of 4 squares . . . and there are still another 4 rows of 4 to add.  We were thinking about picking up the pace a bit, and making a dash for the finish line but since Avis and myself are also happily working on other projects (mainly knitting) we’re going to carry on at the nice sedate pace we set ourselves, and this blackwork project should be finished some time in the Spring.

Here is the list of links to other SAL members.

and we’ll be back again on 7th February.