fourth knitting finish in a row!

Not quite sure when I suddenly became such a prolific knitter?  but I realise this is the third post already this year, and a fourth knitting finish to share!

I actually started this just before Christmas but got waylaid with other things, so it was waiting for ends to be sewn in and buttons.

It’s another baby cardie (for one of my dolls) in pink!  I followed the Little Avery pattern again, for number of stitches to work, and all the increasing for shaping sleeves.  But I kept to stocking stitch instead of knitting the textured pattern for lower sleeves and bodies. Thought the yarn was busy enough, with all those bright colours, without needing texture too.

This was a stash-busting project, using half a ball of Mariner DK yarn and 4 vintage buttons from MIL’s button box.  And I’ve got plenty left to knit a hat!