knit, purl, clickety click

After the chunky cowl project of the other day, I cast on in more Katia “Britannia” tweedy chunky yarn to knit a hat, following the King Cole 5624 pattern I had downloaded for free.

Not for myself, nor the husband, because neither of us like to wear wooly hats, but for one of our neighbour’s: Claude.  Because I was following a woman’s pattern, and knitting for a man, I added a few rows for extra depth but could probably have done without.  Hat turned out larger than expected but Claude was very happy when I gave it to him and it does fit, if he turns up more of the cuff.

Anyway, that was another stash buster and took just under 100g of yarn from the stash.

I got all excited about how chunky yarn knits up so quickly and was a naughty girl.  Buying in MORE yarn, rather than using what I have.

Not my colours at all, but when Mr & Mrs Tattoo were here for Christmas, Mrs Tattoo asked for a knitting lesson. I was more than happy to oblige.  And said she’d like to knit herself a very chunky scarf in black.  Knowing she probably won’t have time, what with work, to make a scarf from start to finish in time for this winter . . . I visited a local discount store and bought in these Gründl yarns.  Both have the pattern printed on the inside of label (in German for the first one, in German & French for the second one).   Anyway, that was 450g of yarn in, when I’m supposed to be aiming at not adding to the stash!

In order to justify this unneccessary spending, I therefore sat down and cast on with the second yarn, a lovely chunky, velvety, chenille type fashion yarn, following the pattern on label to make the cowl in photo (hence 2 x 100g).  A very easy pattern and yarn was gorgeous to work with!  So soft, velvety and drapey!  However, it was a big disappointment when it came to the end: sewing up and weaving in ends.  The velvety-ness sort of disintegrated as I sewed, with black fluff flying everywhere, leaving only a very fine centre core of thread.  I’m not convinced this is going to stand up to being washed (despite there being machine washing instructions on the label) and I’m not even convinced my sewing up/weaving in is going to hold for long.  I won’t be buying this type of fashion yarn again – ever!  Yes, it looks lovely and the finished cowl does look & feel very warm.

But I think this kind of yarn is bordering on mental cruelty, for the beginner knitters who will be spending hours/days/weeks on their first knitting project, only to stumble on the finishing stage when yarn refuses to cooperate.  Anyway . . . next knitting project will probably be with the grey/black variagated super chunky.  That’s a wool/acrylic mix therefore shouldn’t give me any nasty surprises along the way! Recommended needle size for that is 7mm – 8mm, so it should knit up even faster!

14 thoughts on “knit, purl, clickety click

    • yes frustrating is the word. Seems such a shame to spend so many hours on a project, and realise it’ll probably only survive one winter.

  1. I know that kind of yarn- chenille – My Mum knitted me a jumper that went threadbare after a few year,s but another she made me in the same yarn, different colour went threadbare first wash. GROWL…It does look very snuggly.

    • oh dear! yes I’m giving instructions to Mrs Tattoo NOT to follow washing instructions on label (which say 30° machine wash) as I don’t want it disintegrating, blocking up their machine filter nor moulting over all their clothes! Never again!

    • yes if I’d thought about it, I would have used a plain black normal yarn, but by the time I realised what was happening, I was half way along the seam so it was a “I’ve started so I”ll finish” situation.

  2. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with ‘fashion’ yarns. A baby yarn with lots of bobbles in it comes to mind – especially when trying to take the knitting back if you make a mistake.
    The cowl really looks good though – just tell Mrs. Tattoo not to get it dirty 😉

  3. I once made the mistake of putting a cheap bought chenille sweater in the dryer. It washed fine in the machine so I took the chance. Opening the dryer door, a cloud of fluff flew out and turned the air green. The lint trap was full to overflowing and the sweater was now very very thin. Took ages to get ride of all the green fibre dust!

  4. Someone who used to be in the same yoga class as me (remember when we could actually meet as a class?!) gave me a bag of assorted yarns after giving up trying to learn to crochet. One as one of those chenille types and even though I am an experienced knitter I gave up on it. I didn’t like working with it or the finished feel.

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