first finish of 2021

With the start of a new year, I’ve read quite a few “good resolutions” posts by fellow bloggers of goals they hope to achieve in the coming year.  I’m not going to make any resolutions as such. I know, from experience, I never stick to them.  So I’ll just continue in 2021 pretty much as I did in 2020:  picking up whatever project takes my fancy and (hopefully) working from start to finish, be it xstitch, sewing, patchwork, knitting or crochet.  And while doing so, try not to add any more stash to my very healthy supply!  I did well last year with stash-busting, only being naughty towards November with a couple of non-necessary buys.  So this year began the way I hope to continue.  I pulled a couple of 50g balls of chunky Katia “Britannia” from my stash . . . downloaded a free knitting pattern by King Cole . . . and I have my first finish of the 2021.

Doesn’t look very exciting, does it?  Maybe it’ll look better if I model it, in front of bathroom mirror (which I should have cleaned first!).

There you go!  One cowl.  The tweedy yarn and colour are quite masculine which is fine, since I cast on this project with the husband in mind.  This will be something to keep his neck warm when walking the dog!  I used approx 120g of the “Britannia” Katia yarn, knitted on 5mm needles for 1×1 rib and 6mm for stocking stitch, following pattern to the letter.

This King Cole 5624 pattern also included instructions forseven different projects!  The cowl; hat;  fingerless mittens;  shawl;  two different styles of scarf and a polo neck shoulder wrap.  I’ve just cast on to knit the hat and plan to tackle the polo neck shoulder wrap after that!

17 thoughts on “first finish of 2021

  1. That looks good Claire. I actually managed to unearth a ball of super chunky that had escaped my yarn purge and a circular needle to knit one of my daughters a cowl for Christmas. I wasn’t sure whether her present was going to arrive in time so panicked and wanted her to have something to unwrap.

    • it’s certainly making a change from knitting doll/baby clothes on much smaller needles. Can’t believe how fast a chunky yarn knits up!

    • thanks ^^ And yes, since the husband is always on duty, early morning, his jobs being to take dog out and open hatch of hen coop, I wouldn’t want him catching cold!

  2. That cowl looks so cosy! It sounds crazy, but I do miss knitwear…. I decided to give the end of year round-up a miss this time, even the annual Count of the Cotton Reels! I have too many half-finished projects and am too distracted right now to be able to give the idea any proper attention. And besides, it’s a self-imposed thing, this summarising of finishes achieved and goals proposed for the next 12 months…

    • yes, I did think of doing a “2020 in review” post, but couldn’t be bothered to go through my photo archives and make a list ^^ And I can never sit down and write an organised list of what I have planned for the next 12 months because I’m way too unorganised for that lol. So basically, I’m lazy and unorganised – ha! I’ll just have fun as I go although at the moment, with the really icey weather outside, I’m definitely in knitting mode!

      • Same, same… I think I probably need to finish something so I can start writing posts again, but my head’s all over the place just now. But as for getting organised, nah, forget it!

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