Under the tree

This year Christmas was rather quieter than usual, with all the social distancing and government recommendations/restriction.  We did have guests for a few days though. Eldest son and parter (whom I’m renaming Mr & Mrs Tattoo for blog purposes) came to visit.   It was so lovely to see them!  Anyway, to make up for the lack of socialising and the fact other family members couldn’t visit, everyone made sure to send lots of pressies this year.  I had a very impressive haul.  One very spoiled lady I am . . . and today, I come to show you.

First, from sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

A crochet kit, with all the necessary to make a striped kitty,  a rotary cutter with lots of different gadgets to do different paper cutting and, a vintage toy sewing machine!  I haven’t been able to date this yet but estimate it to be 60s or 70s.  It’s hand-cranked, sews a chain stitch, and can also take a battery for the little light (needs new battery & bulb to see if that actually works).

From Mr & Mrs Tattoo

A big bundle of DVDs because this is the kind of stuff I love to watch when crafting.  English-speakers will be surprised to see the cover of a recent Disney sporting the title “Vaiana” instead of “Moana” . . . that’s perfectly normal.  Disney had to rename the film & heroine for copyright reasons on the European market.

From Mr & Mrs Lindashee

a lovely bundle of “Forest Friends” fabric by Makower. One panel and 3 other pièces, 50cm x bolt width and . . . oooooh Lindashee had been doing some secret stitching this year!  I am now the proud owner of my very own Christmas stocking.  Beautifully stitched, and I just love those owls!

From Mr & Mrs Viking, and from my sister

The crochet book, from Mr & Mrs Viking with lots of fun dinosaur and other prehistoric creatures to crochet (future crochet projects for Little Miss Viking?) . . . and a pretty tin box, containing Clarins creams & mirror from my sister, with 2 little cross stitchings.

From my good friend, Avis

a rainbow coloured cardie, beautifully knit by Avis for my Sylvia Natterer dolls . . . an equally beautifully knit pair of fingerless mittens to keep my hands nice & warm, and “Zoomigurumi 8” because Avis knows I’m collecting all the books in this series!

And last but not least . . . there were also two very large parcels from Father Christmas!  The first, a Tiana Disney Animator doll (second hand from eBay but in lovely condition)


An Antonio Juan baby doll.  Antonio Juan being a Spanish doll manufacturer.   This is the model “Alejandra” and measures 52cm.  Photo doesn’t do her justice.  She has a gorgeous expression and her outfit is exceedingly well made.  This is the only photo of her you’ll see on this blog, but I will be gushing about her over on my Claire’s Collections blog.  And still haven’t decided on her name.

14 thoughts on “Under the tree

  1. Didn’t you do well?
    Mr. Tialys and I bought ‘consumables’ for each other this year – i.e. beer, biscuits, and chocolates – as our downsizing made us realise we haven’t got space for many more ‘fripperies’. We were fortunate enough to have both girls with us at Christmas and they followed our lead so I’m in line for a lovely facial at Lush in the new year if and when restrictions allow.

    • I probably should have made a shorter list this year, but opening all those goodies was a real pick-me-up and since we don’t plan on moving in the foreseeable future, I can’t go worrying my little head about packing lol. Pleased to hear you had family for xmas! Hoping, when you can shift the mattress back out of sewing room, you’ll be diving into boxes and getting things straight in there!

  2. That vintage toy sewing machine looks rather like one I had in the 50’s but maybe it was in production over a long time. Mine sewed chainstitch too. I don’t remember a light but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t one! I think I was 5 or 6 years old and learned to hem dusters.

    • I suspect this type of machine was made for several décades and my estimation is only based on guess work at the moment. Research is needed ^^

    • some of them know what I like ^^ and others had to be pointed in the right direction lol, but yes, every gift was really spot on, and I shall treasure the stocking my daughter made!

  3. Looks like lots of fun in your new year! And may I say that much of what you received could have just as easily been on my wish list… most especially that little sewing machine. Happy New Year, Claire!

    • I actually got everyone to write a list this year, of things they’d like,and made sure that everyone received something from their list but also something totally unexpected ^^
      As for me and being so spoiled . . . I’m not going to complain! I don’t think I’ve ever received so many présents before!

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