Advent calendar – 16th – 20th

Days are ticking by, and Christmas is looming closer.  Today’s photo to share with you, what surprises my sister found in the advent calendar I sent.  16th – soluble canvas.  17th  – wooden butterfly thread sorter.  18th – packet of brightly coloured butterfly napkins.   19th – DMC blue serviette pouch with aida band on flap to be stitched.  20th – roll of adhesive lace ribbons.

4 thoughts on “Advent calendar – 16th – 20th

    • well, we’ve been sisters for over 56 years, so I’d like to think I’ll know what will hit the spot ^^
      Plus, she’s in Kent so just learned that xmas is going to be even glummer than previously expected, and she won’t be able to visit with her daughter & grand-kids who live in East Sussex.

    • I did think about a 12 days of Christmas box, but had more than 12 gift ideas ^^ Plus, with the current situation and lockdown in the UK with my sister living in a tier 4 region, I’m glad I went with an advent calendar.

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