Advent calendar December 11th – 15th

This is the photo of what my sister unwrapped 11th – 15th December, when opening the gifts from the advent calendar I made up for her.

11th – a shop-bought wooden tree decoration.  12th – a set of gift tags.  13th – yum yum, packet of pure butter biscuits.  14th – four feather butterflies. 15th – a Mouseloft xstitch kit.

7 thoughts on “Advent calendar December 11th – 15th

  1. I love the idea of making an individual calendar tailored to the person and wish I’d this earlier. 😏My 90 year old mom has been in lockdown since spring and could have really used something to look forward to this year (though I do take her little goodies several times a week to give to staff to give to her, and I bought her a calendar with chocolate truffles, so she’s not completely un-celebratory). Maybe next year!

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