advent calendar December 1st – 5th

This year I did something I don’t usually do . . . I sent off a parcel, early November, to my sister, with lots of little packages inside, each one with a number . . . her very own advent calendar.  2020 has been such a dismal year, and my sister works in a hospital, so she’s one of our essential workers . . . I felt she needed something special to make her feel special this year.  And if I’m honest, it also cheered me up, and made me forget about what a gloomy year we’re having, as I was kept busy thinking of different ideas to include in the parcel.

She said she’s going to open a pressie a day in the morning, so I’ll be sharing photos with you, of what she found inside.

Today we’re December 5th, so I can show you what was in packages 1 – 5.

1st – little hand-stitched decoration with wooden frame.  2nd – letters N O E L for her to decorate and use in a festive crafting project.  3rd –  Needle book with cross stitch needles. 4th – very small Gorjuss notebook, perfect handbag size.  5th – two fabric masks in a pretty blue butterfly fabric (sister loves butterflies).

20 thoughts on “advent calendar December 1st – 5th

    • what I didn’t mention is, she’s my only sister, so if I can’t do something nice for her once a while, the world would be a very sad place ^^

    • that’s what I thought. I know that last year she worked Christmas Eve, Day, and Boxing Day. Not sure if she’s working over xmas this year or if she’ll get the New Year weekend.

  1. How lovely! Much more exciting than a chocolate every day which is the advent calendar I have and only then because the previous house owner had ordered one for her husband, moved before it arrived and hadn’t left a forwarding address 🤣
    (In my defence, I did contact the estate agent who contacted her and she told them to tell me to keep and enjoy it)

  2. Such a lovely idea, Claire. This quote resonates with me, as it is so true of my sister and sounds like it is true of yours too.
    “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.”
    Isadora James

    • she’s definitely a “golden thread” . . . only person to share memories with of our childhood and growing up since both our parents died décades ago.

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