best layer of the month # October

Using an old photo today, because I’m feeling somewhat demoralised with the continuing C word, and can’t get up the energy to take a new photo.

Hens are all well and, after a very long rest from laying, Mauricette has started laying again since 19th October . . . so total egg count this month was 64.  10 eggs from Mauricette, 24 from Florence, and it’s Ruby, our red hen who is this month’s best layer with 30 eggs.

21 thoughts on “best layer of the month # October

    • thanks Kathy, just having one of those “off” days, after listening to too much news and all that’s wrong with the world ^^ I then phoned eldest son for a chat and simply hearing his voice helped cheer me up.

  1. You poor thing. Seasonal blues are bad enough without the C word on top. I think you should try some crochet bacon and maybe a tomato slice or two – that’d give you a different C to concentrate on, as well as a really clever and tasty looking result!

  2. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. We all have been there and can sympathize. I know if I have a day that I forget to limit the news, I have the same reaction. I’m so grateful that I have hobbies to take my mind off it and focus on something that’s enjoyable.

    • I am actually fine, Terri, just had more than enough of listening to news about Covid, and feeling that it’s been so long since we saw kids & grand daughter and not knowing when, in the future, any travelling will be possible. Last time we saw Little Viking she was 13 months old, now she’s 26 months old and we’re missing out on so much! But I shouldn’t complain. We’re safe & healthy, and that’s the most important right now.

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