all good things . . .

I’m not sure who said “all good things come to an end” or that you can have “too much of a good thing” . . . either way, I have a confession to make.  Early November last year, I made a resolution, to not buy any crafting supplies and to use only stash for a full 14 months, hoping to make it to January 2021.  I did give myself a few loop holes (such as the possibility of buying in specific supplies if needed to finish off a specific project) and stuck to that.  However, with thoughts turning to Christmas, I caved, and had some retail therapy on line.

While being good, I did manage to use approx 12 metres of fabric from my stash and probably more than 14 balls of yarn . . . YipYip being a great way to use some of my odd balls of chunky.

But, as admitted, this month, I caved in and bought some new crafting supplies . . .

Several balls of gorgeous brights, with Christmas presents in mind (xmas present production has officially begun).  And

this little lot of supplies, after much researching and dilemma.  The photo above is of three pièces of fake leather in cream, navy and terracotta plus some smallish (20cm x 10cm) foam.  If I show you the next photo, with an added element, you might be able to guess what I hope to be up to soon.

Hole puncher and eyelet pliers . . . because the plan is to make some shoes/boots for my dolls.  Shoes/boots for dolls can work out very expensive to buy, especially for my larger BJD dolls.  I have therefore decided I am going to try my hand at shoe-making . . . the black foam being essential for shoe/boot soles.  Fingers crossed for me please!


17 thoughts on “all good things . . .

  1. You lasted longer than me. Remember my Fabric Fast of a few years ago? I was over ambitious with a year and only lasted about 4 months I think. (Actually, just checked and it was so long ago we weren’t following each other then so it’s here if you want to feel good about your own lapse .
    I will watch your shoe making with interest as I have all those implements to hand and lots of leather scraps from Mr. T.’s workshop.

    • lol just read the confessions post and all excuses sounded good to me ^^ Had to laugh at your premonition of having to move back to the UK one day in order to wear all the woolies you’d been knitting. Who’d have guessed, eh?
      I will, of course, keep you updated on shoe-making when it begins, if I make anything that looks wearable. In he meantime, I’m knitting the “fisherman” SD sweater again and tweeking pattern, so should be able to share a copy of that with you sometime.

  2. I think making Christmas presents is a well deserved reason to break your fast. 14 months is a long time! Doll shoes will be so cute …. but rather fiddly? Have fun.

    • I hoping shoes won’t be too fidly. It’s not Barbie dolls shoes I’ll be making but shoes for upwards of 44cm – 67cm tall dolls

  3. I’ve never gone so far as to formally declare a fast from craft purchases but I have managed to go long stretches without any. Then suddenly I’m buying nearly everything I see! Christmas gift making is the perfect excuse anyway. 😉

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