SAL – “Tiny Treasures” #3

Needle has been flying and lots of fun had, as I make progress on this lovely blackwork design by Elizabeth Almond.

Here’s what things looked like last time.

And here’s progress for this time.

Some of you seemed to hoping for more colours, so sorry to disappoint.  I chose dark brown, gold, three different reds and three different greens for this piece.  So this is as colourful as it will get I’m afraid.  Anyway Avis and I managed to push ourselves and get 8 squares done this time, but I doubt we’ll keep up that pace each time.

Let’s go see what other SAL members have been up to.

And we’ll meet back up on 25th October for our next update.

36 thoughts on “SAL – “Tiny Treasures” #3

  1. That is a lot of progress! Although I am often drawn to bright colours I rather like your restricted palette – it suits the formality of the design.

    • yes that’s the great thing with choosing abstract of blackwork – we’re totally free to choose colours and each design becomes so unique.

  2. Wow, you’ve really made progress this time. I love the colour palette you’re using and don’t think it needs any more colour. Too much and it would detract from the lovely patterns. As usual, you have it just right 🙂

    • thanks Carole ^^ I ummed & ahhed for so long deciding on colours for this project. First seeing it in rainbow colours, then in monochrome . . . and then I chose “Christmas” colours ^^

  3. Holy smokes! Great progress and colorful enough to me 🙂 I love how the grid motifs in between the blocks have a snowflake design and feel.

    • well there’s still a lot to do, which is why I wanted to quicken the pace slightly, but we’re both busy having fun knitting too, so we’ll keep the SAL to a leisurely pace.

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