learning texture

Whoever said “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” was wrong, because it is possible – with patience!  My friend, Avis, has very patiently been teaching me to cable.  She’s been telling me for years that it’s easier than it looks . . . and I’ve been shying away for as many years.  But no longer!.

These are a couple of samples I knitted, after Avis showed me how things are done. I don’t  actually have a cable needle, so had to make do with a DPN.  Anyway, on the left, a 28 stitched sample learning to do C4B (3 rows of) and then C4F.    And then 30 stitches cast on, with 5 stitches of horizontal ribbing each end, and learning to C2B C2F.   What a whole world of horizons will open up before me, now that I know how to cable!


19 thoughts on “learning texture

    • lol maybe doll size, but I can’t say I enjoyed the experience enough to want to knit anything adult size! I have ordered in two proper cable needles though, in 2.5mm and 4mm so we’ll see how I get on with the right equipment.

    • Avis used a straight cable needle and was suggesting I’d be fine with one of those, but I have ordered in 2 kinky needles (in different sizes) because I was thinking they’d be “safer” for me (I did have needle slip out on its own a few times, with my DPN). Glad to hear they do the trick for you!

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