ScrapHappy #September – crafting for dolls

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to show what I’ve been up to with a few scraps.  Both knitting and sewing.

One little knitted dress, using the 30g remaining of a 100g ball of Marriner Mermaid DK.  And one little cotton dress plus matching hair bow, using a pink floral fabric from my scrap bag, and 3 tiny buttons which have been i n my stash for décades.  Both outfits are for 40cm Disney Animator dolls. If you’re not squeamish about dolls, and want to see what they look like on, feel free to visit my other blog: Claire’s Collections.


20 thoughts on “ScrapHappy #September – crafting for dolls

    • thank you Emma. I used that yarn to make an ear-flap beanie a few years ago for neighbour’s daughter, and then some for button bands on a baby sized cardie (main body in turquoise). Then had 30g left and really didn’t know what to do with it.

      • I’m trying to reduce my acrylic stash because I’ve noticed that I prefer making my little toys with cotton, and it’s been hard to use all those little leftovers! Maybe I should consider making some clothes for master Clark’s toys 🥰

      • excellent idea! little waist coats for teddy bears etc, with buttons . . . that would be excellent for motricity skills !

    • it is! and one of my big downfalls, when making clothes for humans is, I always buy way more than needed, which means I sometimes end up with quite large scraps.

  1. I agree that having dolls to sew/knit for is a great way to use up scraps! Knitting for humans does cause leftovers in this house too, but the opposite is true too…knitting for dolls causes major leftovers…Which means many possibilities 😛

    • thanks Carole ^^
      As for Disney Animator dolls, yes they’re rather adorable (in my opinion). I bought quite a few last year, second hand on eBay and found one in a carboot sale. Have just acquired a MIB Pocahontas from ebay who is so beautiful. If ever you’re tempted, check out the Disney Store uk online – they cost £22 there whereas on eBay and amazon prices are a lot higher. I bought mine to play “dress up” rather than leave them in their Disney clothes. If you Google “custom Disney Animator dolls” you’ll see some incredible works of art! People who have made fantastic outfits and done face repaints.

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