SAL “Tiny Treasures” by Elizabeth Almond #2

Hello everyone!  Hope you’ve all been keeping well and busy since last time!  It’s our 3-weekly meet up to show progress on our SAL project, mine being “Tiny Treasures” by Elizabeth Almond.

Last time, I showed you my start


Since then I’ve added some green.

I’m now going to do some blog-hopping, and see what other SAL members have been up to.

Full list of members:

Next update on 4th October.

34 thoughts on “SAL “Tiny Treasures” by Elizabeth Almond #2

    • thank you ^^ this piece seems to be stitching itself at the moment. It’s like a plate of biscuits. I sit down just to stitch on one square or flower, and end up doing more ^^

    • thanks Deborah. If you click on the link you’ll find a whole vareity of free blackwork designs you can download if you fancy giving blackwork a try.

    • thanks Connie. It’s actually a very dark Brown, not black ^^ And I won’t be adding any more colours. It’ll be red & green alternating from now on.

  1. Suprising how different yours and Avis’s look yet its only a matter of colours. They are both lovely and not sure whether i would stick to the more traditional black or go bright and cheerful like you. xx

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