best layer of the month # August, & bye bye Miss Moneypenny

It’s the last day of the month and time to tot up egg count, but first, the sad news.

Miss Moneypenny died last week – awwww!  She was getting on for 6 years old, had been with us for more than 5. These past few weeks, she’d taken to doing her usual summer thing:  being a broody hen and sitting on eggs all day long.  Anyway, last week, I went to collect eggs and to put Miss Moneypenny outside so she’d eat, drink & stretch her legs,  and she was sitting in nestbox, eyes closed but still breathing.  I knew something wasn’t right so quickly prepared a “hospital quarters”, wanting to isolate her from the others, but by the time I went back to pick her up, she had passed.  Miss Moneypenny was one of our very first gals, acquired in the spring of 2015.  Thanks to my blog archives, I was able to tot up statistics and can tell you that, in the (just over) 5 years Miss Moneypenny was with us, she laid a grand total of 1085 eggs!

Here she is, in the foreground of a recent photo, strutting her stuff.  The remaining 3 hens now have quite a challenge to meet, because 1085 eggs is a lot of eggs!

Egg count this month was lower than usual, what with Miss Moneypenny being on her last legs & broody, and Mauricette is in the middle of a massive moult.  We had a total of 66 eggs.  4 of those were laid by Miss Moneypenny, 6 by Mauricette, 27 by Florence, and it’s Ruby, our red hen, who is this month’s winner with 29 eggs.


F2F – two happy dances

Happy dancing here!  With two quilts, made from the blocks I received in August 2018, for the F2F swap organised by Kate.

I had said, in July this year, that I wanted to get these blocks finished into quilts by the end of August this year, and I made it, with a day to spare – yay!

Here they are.

They’re both the same size and finished up at 55″ square.  Taking part in the F2F swap was great fun and I’d like to thank Kate for having organised things and all the ladies who took part.  You’d never think, when you look at all those gorgeous blocks, that they were made by 10 different patchworkers. They really look as if they were meant to be.

SAL – “Tiny Treasures” by Elizabeth Almond #1

Hello everyone!  Exciting post today, to put an end to the suspense of our last SAL update when I wrote that Avis and I would be starting on a new project, and we both showed our chosen fabric & threads.

This was my photo:  a very large piece of 14 count aida in antique white, and an array of very Christmasy DMC threads.  The new project is a blackwork design, by Elizabeth Almond, and available for free on her site: Blackwork Journey.  It’s called “Tiny Treasures”.  Avis and I are both going to stitch the rectangular version, but we’re not stitching it in the “parts” in which it was published.  We’ll be deciding how much, or how little, to stitch for each update, depending on what other crafting we have going on.

Anyway . . . for stage one, this is my progress

I’m stitching outlines, linky bits and border in DMC 3371, the first row was stitched with 3 different shades of red (DMC 815, 321, 666) and I’m using DMC 977 for gold highlights.

Don’t forget to do some blog-hopping, if you have time, to admire progress of other SAL members.

Next update on 13th September.

hands keeping busy

I’ve been keeping my hands busy, inbetween other crafting projects, with a little bit of xstitch.  And while temperatures are still high in this part of the world . . . I chose to work on some xmas themed projects.  The following were freebie kits in the UK magazine “Cross Stitch Crazy”.

Both are designs by Helz Cuppleditch.  The skating penguin was the free kit in the October 2018 issue, and the carol singing penguin from the October 2019 issue.

The free kits in “Cross Stitch Crazy” are always very complete, with the necessary supplies to finish the project (in this case, aperture card & envelope).  So . . . a couple of evenings stitching, and it looks like I’m now getting ready for Christmas lol.

one down

Despite the heatwave, I’ve been managing to find a couple of hours here & there to work on quilting . . . and am pleased to be able to show you the first (of two) quilts made with my Miss August 2018 blocks, from the F2F3 block swap, organised by Kate.

So, white sashing, dark turquoise corner stones, white border and dark turquoise binding with flamingos on the back (all from stash).  Machine quilted with a light turquoise thread, each block quilted differently.

Quilt finishes at approx 56″ square (142cm) and the second one will be the same size, with same backing fabric & binding.  Just need weather to cool down a little so that I feel motivated to do more quilting. I still hope to be happy dancing with two fab quilts by the end of August!

SAL “Share” – Merejka happy dance!

It’s time to link up with other SAL members to show progress and I’m having a happy dance this time.

I could probably have given linen a quick iron before taking photo lol, but here it is complete with wrinkles and hoop marks.  I need to put my thinking cap on to decide what I’m going to do with this now it’s finished.  In the meantime, since Avis and I both finished our current SAL project in time for today, we’re going to begin a new project for next time.  We’ve agreed on a design we both like, and will therefore be working on the same design, as from next time, but in different colours.  My supplies are all prepped.  I’ve gone for Christmas reds, greens and a gold on white aida. You’ll have to wait until next time to see what we’ll be stitching – oooh the suspense!.

Here is the complete list of links of all SAL members.

Next update on 23rd August.