Baa Baa Blue Lamb

In May, you might remember I crocheted up a really cute sleepy lamb, from a pattern by Kawaii Design and bought on etsy.

When I made this little one, I said there would be others . . . hence the title . . . this time a blue lamb.

Crocheted in blue & white from my stash on a 3mm hook.

I’d just finished sewing this little sleepy blue lamb together, when I noticed, over on etsy, the pattern designer had added a flower embellishment to her photo . . . and thought how pretty it looked.  Now, it just so happens, way way back in February 2017, a blogging friend, Yvonne, sent me some lovely crocheted embellishments she’d made. And it just so happens, that there were some little flowers in the bag. Exactly what I needed!

Awwww don’t they look cute?

And last photo for the day (close your eyes and don’t look if you’re squeamish about my dolls!

19 thoughts on “Baa Baa Blue Lamb

    • I probably wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of crocheting something so tiny myself, but since I was lucky to have been gifted them, they were perfect!

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