a Yip Yip here, and a Yip Yip there . . .

While browsing on the internet (which seems to be a favourite pass time of mine in the evening, when there’s nothing on TV) I came across a really fun crochet project by Carissa Knits that tickled my fancy.  Carissa had designed a pattern (both for crocheters & knitters) to make a Sesame Street “Yip Yip”.  Now, I have to say, I never really watched SS, neither did my kids, so seeing these funny monsters for the first time made me chuckle and when I saw they were made using really chunky yarn, I thought that would be a great project for stash-busting.

Before I began though, I did need to buy a minimum of supplies, namely ping pong balls and pipe cleaners.  The chunky yarn, I already had although perhaps not in the bright colours I would have liked for this project.

The husband very kindly painted the ping pong balls for me, and I set to work hooking with a 9mm hook.

Because I was stash busting, I had to make an executive decision regarding colours & height of my Yip Yip.  Carissa’s monsters seem to be longer in the body than mine, but even so, I think this YY turned out rather nicely.  So nicely that . . . it wasn’t long before I was singing along to myself (to the tune of Old McDonald has a farm – as I don’t know the real Yip Yip song) . . . so that went along the lines of:  With a Yip Yip here, and a Yip Yip there.  Here a Yip . . . there a Yip

everywhere a Yip Yip.

These things just seem to multiply.


But, in multiplying, they are giving me loads of fun and are a good way of using up some of those orphan balls of very chunky yarn I’d been hoarding.