rainbow progress

My rainbow patchwork project has been coming along, although things are currently at a stand-still because . . . I changed my mind about backing fabric, which meant I then changed my mind about what fabric to use for binding . . . and I’m now having to wait for a fabric order to arrive lol.  Typical me!  I wasn’t supposed to be buying in any more stash this year, but this is an absolute emergency/necessity!

This is how things were looking on 25th May.

The original plan was to use a lovely star print fabric somewhere in this design, preferably for the binding.  I mean, I’d chosen my fabrics for chevrons specifically to pick out the same colours in stars!

There’s the star fabric, sitting under all my chevrons as I was making.  However . . . when rummaging around for a suitable sized piece of fabric for backing, I came upon something very “busy”, which I had totally forgotten about, and which I’ll show you a bit further down.  Once rediscovered, I wanted to use it but the star fabric simply would NOT go with.  Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself since before binding can go on, I needed to sandwich and quilt (after adding 2.5″ strips of white to give a crisp outer border.

Since quilting isn’t my strong point, I kept things very simple and almost invisible.  I took things one column at a time and just did some quilting in the ditch, around the coloured chevrons . . .  here is a very rough sketch of that (my quilting is actually better than my sketching lol).

Sort of went around the edge of each chevron, in a clockwise direction, going 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and then did vertical lines (7&8) to get me to the tip of next chevron.  I started by quilting the central column (green chevrons) and then quilted the other columns working outward each time. It works for me.  And, as I say, is fairly invisible on the front . . . but a little more visible on the busy backing fabric I chose.

How fun is that, eh?  So much going on there, what with rainbows, umbrellas, balloons, animals and so on.  I’m thinking it’ll be a great quilt for learning colours (except I have no pink or brown in my rainbow).   Anyhoot . . . that’s progress so far.  As soon as new fabric arrives, I’ll be able to get on with binding . . . and I’ll come & share my happy dance with you!

10 thoughts on “rainbow progress

  1. I love the new fabric you have chosen, such fun for a childs quilt. However I love the star fabric too and hope you will use that soon too – maybe for something a little bit more sophisticated Claire xxx

  2. I’d find it hard to choose between those two backings… The front is looking beautifully sharp and graphic, so maybe the fabric you’ve gone for as a complete contrast!

    • stars were never going to figure as backing fabric, even in my original plan, as I only have a piece leftover from Baby Viking quilt. Originally I was just going to put plain white on the back and use stars for binding. Now I’ve used the kiddies’ drawings on the back, I’ll be using a solid colour for binding which should still keep front “sharp & graphic”.

    • yes there’s so much going on in that backing fabric . . . it’ll be a great “I Spy” quilt and for Learning colours too !

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