Indian Brave & Maiden

Only people who’ve been following me for a very long time will recognise the above photo.  A cross stitch kit I stitched way back in 2013 although I probably bought the kit as far back as 2004:  Indian Brave & Maiden, design by Roger W. Reinardy.  I did the cross stitching of these two very proud Indians 7 years ago . . . finished pièces were folded and put in a drawer . . . but did get pulled out of said drawer in 2016 when I set to creating a patchwork border for both.

For some reason (no idea why) I didn’t actually get on with the next stage and they were folded and put back in the drawer.  Until, last week, when I finally sat down to do the proper finish.

Luckily, I had folded them away with the solid red fabric for the binding but couldn’t remember what I had planned as backing fabric, so I used some bedsheet.  I kept quilting very simple: orange thread stitching in the ditch.

I’ve finished them as wall-hangings. You can’t see in photo because my pattern matching is almost invisible lol, but I cut two 5″ squares in bedsheet, folded into triangles and sewed them to top corners on the back of both so I can slip a wooden rod into the pockets for hanging.  Each Indian finished up at 29″ x 16″ (74cm x 41cm) so I now need to find a suitable wall to hang them from!  Am rather surprised, now they’re done, that I didn’t get them finished sooner.  I reckon these will go down in history as my longest WIPs.

17 thoughts on “Indian Brave & Maiden

    • I’m wondering if these were all my time record in the making . . . but sadly there are probably even older things lurking in the bottom of my drawer and waiting for a finish!

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