knitting for toddler Viking

After some fairly recent knitting for dolls, I fancied working on something a little bigger . . . so what better excuse than to start work on a cardigan for Toddler Viking? 

The husband gifted me some lovely colourful balls of yarn at Christmas, so I had a search on-line for a pattern, deciding on one by Sirdar (1219).  I bought the pattern as an instant download on Wool Warehouse.  And immediately set to work on my swatch (since I am using Gründl yarn and wasn’t sure whether it would knit up to same gauge as the recommended Sirdar DK).  My swatch was good . . . so I cast on and knitted two sleeves.  My plan being to knit the cardie in 2 different yarns:  the colour changing yarn for the lower part & sleeves, but a plain yellow for the bodice part which has a stitch pattern.  Toddler Viking is 18 months old already, so I’m knitting a size 2-3 years, with full length sleeves – hoping it’ll be a good fit this Spring/Summer. 

cardie 01

cardie 02

While I managed to get my colours matching, more or less, on both sleeves for the stripes, the actual pattern created by yarn didn’t work out matching.  Not to worry lol.

Before starting the two fronts, I did a trial run with some leftover blue yarn, to make sure I could follow the bodice pattern.  I’ve only ever done rib, stocking stitch or garter before, so the idea of following a stitch pattern and getting my knits & purls in all the right places had me a little worried.

cardie 03

This was my practice piece, with a few rows of shaping, to make sure I felt confident enough to start on the real thing.

cardie 04

And a couple of knitting sessions later, ta da!!!  I have two cardigan fronts – yay!  Not 100% convinced my idea of plain yellow for the bodie part was such a good idea after all, but it’s too late now – I’m not frogging!

26 thoughts on “knitting for toddler Viking

  1. It looks lovely so far Claire and the sunny colours will be perfect for an English spring/summer.
    p.s. I notice you’ve ‘come over all American’ by saying you were ‘gifted’ something. You’ll be calling a biscuit a cookie soon 🤣

    • reply to your ps . . . in my Oxford Concise, “gift” is a noun or transitive verb deriving from ME (Middle English), OE (Old English), ON (Old Norse) and OHG (Old High German), going back to way before the Mayflower ever set sail ^^

      • I started to write a long reply to this but it would only give more importance to what was meant as a throwaway comment. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and ‘gifted’ as a verb just doesn’t sound right to me but that’s my problem not yours.

  2. I love the colors in the stripes, they’re so cheerful! Your idea for the body of the cardy was a good one. As long as Toddler Viking doesn’t take a strong exception to the color yellow this will be a winner!

    • I haven’t done enough knitting yet to have an opinion on patterns, but this one seems clear & easy to understand and I like that sizes go from 0-6 months all the way up to 7 years!

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