what Claire found under the tree

Hello everyone!  I’ve been visiting blogs since the New Year arrived only a few days ago, enjoying reading all your resolutions and new goals for 2020.  I have to admit, I’m not setting myself any goals this year and don’t have any specific projects planned.    I have a couple of WIPs that I hope to finish, but will not be putting any pressure on myself.  One thing I have decided (but that was in early November, so isn’t really a New Years’s resolution) is not to buy any crafting supplies over the coming year.  In fact, I haven’t bought any supplies since early November, so I’m aiming at a full 14 months of “being good”.   I have more than enough fabric, thread, and yarn to keep me busy for several years, so the coming year is going to be a stash-busting year for me.  This doesn’t mean to say I didn’t have a few crafting supplies on my xmas list though, or that I wasn’t spoiled by family & friends with crafting goodies.

Photos to show you what a lucky gal I was this year.


Eldest son gifted me a pattern book to make dresses for 18” dolls, a DVD (The Borrowers) and a 9” doll (Sofia – a Kruseling doll).  From Daddy Viking I received a pattern book to make outfits for 9” dolls, and a DVD (Mary & Max).  And from Lindashee – a book with some clever ideas for sewing with scraps plus a bundle of 4 different xmas-themed FQs. 


From sister-in-law – a recipe book, a notebook and a pack of post-its, plus a Tshirt (which I forgot to photograph).  And from Avis – 2 balls of Stylecraft DK, “The Alchemist’s Secret” and a lovely cat print tote bag.


From the husband, I received 12 x 50g balls of yarn (3 in four different colourways) plus a plastic storage box.  And from Father Christmas, because Father Christmas always visits this house,  . . . a book on dolls and a magnifying headset which is ever so lightweight and comfortable to wear.  I wear glasses, with varifocal lenses but still struggle when cross stitching . . . this headset, with a whole range of magnifying lenses, is perfect.

4 thoughts on “what Claire found under the tree

  1. You have a very thoughtful family Claire 🙂 I’m going to try very hard this year to reduce my stash this year, I know I say that every year but it is getting a bit ridiculous! Good luck with your resolution, not sure I could manage a whole year!

    • well I’ve managed 2 months already, and am actually going to keep it up for a total of 14 months. Just have to delete all promotional emails from my favourite craft shops as they arrive lol.

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