2019 in review – cross stitch, patchwork & other sewing

This is the third & final post for my “2019 in review” series.  For this last one, I’m grouping together cross stitch, patchwork & general sewing.

Several cushions, which I always find is a great way to combine cross stitch and patchwork.



robot cushion 01

Three dog beds.

dog bed 05



8 scrappy xmas-themed place mats.

placemats 01

2 leaf blower bags.

scraphappy sept 08

2 easy draw string bags (as gift pouches for xmas presents).


one scrappy “I Spy” quilt.

scraphappy nov 01



a “spotty dotty froggy” memory game . . . made for Toddler Viking.


There were a few other finishes, and small projects, but I think all of the above are enough to remind me of what fun I had crafting in 2019.

4 thoughts on “2019 in review – cross stitch, patchwork & other sewing

  1. I love them all. Your work is beautiful. I’m looking forward to another year of visiting your blog and enjoying your wonderful creations. Happy New Year!

  2. Love your cushions Claire, especially the cats! What do you stuff your dog beds with? Our little bichon frise always likes to be near me and tries to find something to make a bed nearby – a newspaper, a boot…Having sorted out my sewing room a bit she couldn’t find anything, , seeing yours made me think I could just make her a little bed for the sewing room!

    • for the dog bed filling, it’s a recycling job ^^. I changed all our pillows & quilts a few years ago Threw out the pillows but kept the quilts/duvets. For a Gibbs’ sized bed, I used one of the old single duvets (which measured approx 190cm x 140cm). I cut in half and overlocked raw edges on both. Then made the cover approx 100cm x 75cm so duvet is folded in half, to give double thickness for the mattress filling. Now they’re only half-size, it’s easy to fling them in the washing machine when they start to smell too “doggy” and I change Gibbs’ bed about once a fortnight. I also cut a double duvet into quarters . . . and plan on making some cat bed covers for those. .

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