fingerless mittens

I’ve been having fun, making my first pair of fingerless mittens – yay!

After searching on youtube, and finding several really great videos, I opted to start off with a very simple one.  A big thumbs up to Bag-O-Day Crochet.  Video was excellent!

I’ve got rather large hands so I began with a bit of trial and error, getting the number of stitches & rows right, for ribbing the cuff.  And couldn’t resist crocheting in one of my very bright yarns!   This is an acrylic DK yarn, bought not long ago in ACTION.  Lovely & soft to work with, and grogeously bright – you know me by now, I can’t stand to work in (what I consider) drab colours.  If I’m going to make something it has to be bright! 


Some people might not like seeing the colours striping diagonally, but I knew this was going to happen, since I was crocheting in the round and not joining (slip stitch, chain 1) and I can’t honestly say it bothers me to have the funny stripes. 

I’m just happy that I managed to sort out stitch count, alter number of rows where necessary to make them a custom fit for me.  I solved one problem – needing width for main hand, but not wanting it to gape at opening – by keeping the same number of stitches all round but changing from a 4mm to a 3.5mm hook for the last few rows.   If I follow this pattern again, I’ll probably also do the ribbing and first rows  on a 3.5mm hook too.


I made them a lot longer, over the fingers, because these are going to be my “walking Gibbs” mittens and we’re heading for colder weather soon.


Now it’s time to get back to CAL squares!