after the rain . . .

We’ve been having torrential rain in our part of the world recently. Not as bad as some parts of France, where there has been serious flooding though. 

This morning , the husband headed off to the woods with our neighbour who really knows his mushrooms, and the best places to find them.  And they both came back with a lovely haul.  Here’s what was in the husband’s bag.


Please don’t ask me what they are because my mushroom knowledge is non-existent.  I believe they are various varieties of “cèpes” and we trust our neighbour to know what he’s talking about. 


No sooner did the husband take his wellie boots off, than he was in the kitchen preparing mushrooms . . . while I cracked a few fresh eggs to make an omelette.  And lunch was served!


It couldn’t have been any fresher, and was delicious!!!