“Nature’s Walk” CAL

I’m still way behind with the CAL “Nature’s Walk” organised by Cherry Heart . . . but that’s fine.  I’m not even trying to play catch up.  Just crocheting at my own pace, and enjoying the experience.  I don’t have accounts on any of the social media places where other CALers are interacting, so I’m quite happy to crochet along in the peace & quiet of my living room, without feeling pressurised about dead-lines.

For today, I can show you my latest six squares.

CAL gates 01

This pattern is “Gates” and officially the part 1 pattern.  I crocheted in Stylecraft Special DK “Meadow”, using a 4mm hook to keep size the same as my first squares.

CAL gates 01 (2)

Above photos without flash, but one below with flash

CAL gates 03

Which gives a better idea of true colours.  So for the moment I have 12 squares.  Six in “Spring Green” crocheted with the practice “Heart” pattern on a 3.5mm hook.  And six  in “Meadow”.