spoiled by La Pie Kikou

I received a lovely surprise parcel in the letter box the other day!  An unbirthday surprise package from a French blogging friend: La Pie Kikou  who makes the most gorgeous things. 

from la pie 01

And here is what La Pie Kikou sent!  The most adorable little needle/pin case, a fabric basket and some bookmarks.

from la pie 02

The needle case is ever so cleverly made . . . it has two little stud fasteners which, once unpopped, means the case unfolds. 

As for the fabric basket . . . it’s gorgeous!  Outer fabric is the perfect print for any needleworker, with wooden bobbins, buttons and thimbles.

from la pie 03

And I’ve already found a use for it . . . it will be my little basket to keep all my CAL crochet squares until I’m ready to start assembly.