crochet & cross stitch

I’ve been busy with two different types of needlecrafts these past few days, alternating between crochet and cross stitch.

On the cross stitching front . . . I have a subscription for Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, and when the latest issue plopped into my letter box recently, I was tempted to sit down and stitch up the freebie kit almost immediately.


I simplified things a little (leaving out most of the French knots which I hate doing) . . . but I think these two little decorations turned out very sweet nonetheless.


As for crochet . . . well, I was busy making squares for the “Natures Walk” CAL designed by Cherry Heart (aka Sandra Paul).


This chart is actually meant to be just a practice square, but I liked the little heart design so much, I crocheted up six, in Stylecraft Special DK “Spring Green”.


Now the official instructions for this CAL are to use 6 colours, with a 7th neutral for joining & borders . . . idea being to make 8 squares from each of the 6 colours, therefore ending up with 48 squares for the finished blanket.

Being me, I’m going to do things my way, and plan on making only 6 squares of each colour, but to add a 7th colour so my blanket will turn out 6 x 7  (instead of 8 x 6).  My only problem . . . I initially picked only six colours and a neutral, and was then umming and ahhing about what extra colour to add.  One possible combination looking like this.


But . . . the husband, whose opinion I do listen to occasionally, thinks it looks too “scrappy” . . . so I’m in the process of revising my choice of colours.   I’m going to need to place an order anyhow, for my border neutral (of which I will need 400g), so I might end up changing my colour scheme completely before I go much farther!