ScrapHappy # October

It’s time to link up with Kate and Gun for our monthly ScrapHappy party!

In August I showed you this

scraphappy august

A small patchwork piece where I was having fun assembling squares with some white rectangles.  I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this, but it’s since grown from



to this 02

It’s now 36” square . . . and I reckon it’s a nice size to stop there.  Stay tuned for next time, when I hope to have this little patchwork quilted and bound.

20 thoughts on “ScrapHappy # October

    • thanks Dawn, it’s sometimes difficult to be really “random” but with so many different fabrics, I’m really pleased with the overall effect

    • thanks Lynn ^^ That blue is leftover from shortie PJs I made for my niece and there will be more of it, as that’s going to be my binding too.

    • for a first time quilt, I’d reccommend using 100% cotton fabrics. You can either buy several different fabrics, or you can find pre-cut packs. Or you can recycle any cotton clothes. You’ll need cutting Tools (rotary cutter, cutting board & quilting ruler. If you are going to patchwork by hand, you’ll also need a 1/4″ quilter ruler to mark seam allowance. If you’re machine sewing, then you’ll need a 1/4″ foot for your machine. And of course, sewing thread.
      I didn’t have a specific finished size in mind. Just started sewing my squares until I had a larger square piece, then started adding borders.
      That’s for the patchwork part.
      In order to make a quilt, you’ll also need wadding, backing fabric & more fabric to make binding.
      I’d suggest you search for Missouri Star Quilts (on line) where you can find lots of tutorials about how to get started with patchwork.

    • I’ve got more of that solid turquoise blue (left over from shortie PJ sewing project for niece) and I’ve already got backing fabric sorted (left over from more patch & sewing projects).

  1. Love this scrappy piece…that blue is the perfect colour for the border. Wonderful and I also love how your cat cross stitch is moving along.

  2. You know, I believe that patchwork quilts of any size are my favorites. There’s so much life in them and sorted colors. One can only imagine the stories they’ll collect in the years to come. 😀

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