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I’ve been away from my computer these past few days, even though I appeared to be around (the magic of scheduling posts on WP).  Where did I go?  I hear you ask . . . over to England for a long week-end, to visit family.  We stayed with Lindashee (our daughter) and Mr Lindashee, in their new house but since they live only a very brisk walk away from the Viking family, we were also able to catch up with Viking parents and Baby Viking, who we hadn’t seen since last September.

Baby Viking is 13 months old now.  Has begun taking her first steps and saying a few words.  Our short stay was filled with lots of nattering, eating, drinking and playing with our grand daughter, as well as lots of walking in the rain.   I also managed to do some crafting!

Anyway a mish mash of photos, amongst other things, a few things I had made to take over for Baby Viking.


Probably not the right season for this little outfit, which I actually made way back in the summer.  I made a size 2 years so hopefully, it’ll be a good fit for summer 2020.  Made at the same time, and using same pattern, as the Smilie top and leggings (in size 12 months).


I also got out my crochet hook and had a trial run with ripple stitch, making a small blanket for the little plush doll in carry cot, I bought recently at a carboot sale.

ripple blankie

ripple blankie 01

Baby Viking really liked the little doll, and happily pointed to all her body parts when we were singing “Head, shoulders, knees & toes” to her . . . especially good at the “eyes & ears & mouth & nose” part lol.

The only crafting supplies I took with me were a 3.5mm hook and a ball of Stylecraft, as I suspected I wouldn’t have too much free time to sit and craft.  Delays at airport and one afternoon babysitting (during naptime), saw me come home with 2 crocheted squares.

CAL blocks

Neither are perfect, and I’m debating about whether to frog or just ignore the iffy bits . . . this pattern is by Cherry Heart (aka Sandra Paul).  There’s a CAL just started, called Nature’s Walk, running from 24th Sept – 12th Nov.  It’s free to download patterns and follow, so I’m doing just that.  However I’m going with my own colour scheme and will probably go for a smaller version of the blanket.  I also won’t even attempt to keep the same pace as other CAL participants, since I can’t see me finding time to crochet one square a day, every day for 6 weeks.  Plus, I’m already over 2 weeks behind!  So I’m seeing this more as a practice project since I’ve only ever really made amigurumi in crochet.

Looks like I might also be turning my hand to soft toy sewing . . .


Lindashee gifted me these two patterns as a surprise.  I’ve certainly got plenty of fabric in my stash to have a go at some of these critters . . . will I be able to find the time though?

23 thoughts on “lots of this, that & the other

  1. The little llama top and leggings is an adorable outfit for the baby Viking.
    I am doing that particular CAL, as you know, and am finding it quite hard to keep up the pace. I finished the last (eighth) square of the first pattern week last night and have the next downloaded but haven’t started yet so it’s more like having to do two a day if I’m to keep up. Does it really matter though? It’s not a competition is it?
    Your heart squares look good to me and, if you block them to the right size, should be fine. It’s my first ‘square’ project too but I’m enjoying it now I’ve got the hang of the corners.

    • I’ve already weighed my finished squares, and they weigh only 15g, so I can get 6 out of one ball of Stylecraft Special DK. Since I won’t be getting the extra charts, I’m thinking that with the 6 charts plus this first trial one (which was in one of the introduction pdfs) I’ll be able to make 42 squares (if I add a 7th colour) and end up with a 7 x 6 blanket. Or maybe just do a 6 x 6. My tension seems good as my first two squares are 16cm. But, like you, I’m not going to try and keep up the pace. I probably will frog one of the blocks, back to round 4 I think, as there’s a glaring error that keeps leaping out at me, not to mention another mistake in round 7 of the same square – even Lindashee spotted both and she doesn’t crochet lol. .

  2. A llama tunic is the new must have for toddler’s wardrobe, I think! The CAL will be a great practice in different stitches and your plan sounds like just the thing to keep it enjoyable.

    • yes I’m fairly competent with crochet now (I think) after all the amigurumi but that’s all been about shaping really. For the CAL I get to really learn to read a chart and be careful with counting stitches so I get all the holes in the right places!

  3. Love the little girl outfits you made. They would be perfect for the type of Fall we are having in the USA south. Still in the 90’s. Just bought my grand daughter some more short sleeve tops. Too hot to go outside for recess. Yet, kids need the sun. Thanks for sharing all your sewing, crocheting going on. Diane

    • I don’t know if I’d call one long weekend once a year “spending time” or not. We’ve tried video skyping but she’s a bit too little to realise that the grey-haired lady on screen is grandma.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful visit with your sweet baby viking and her family. She’ll be adorable in the outfits you made her for 2020. That’s such a cute babydoll blanket. You’re a cool Grandma. Your crochet work is beautiful. The ‘Nature’s Walk’ will be lovely. Thanks for the link. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  5. How nice that you were able to have a visit with your family. The outfit is very cute and I’m sure your granddaughter will love what you’ve made for her. Thank you for the link to Cherry Heart. I’m trying to learn to crochet too and it looks like her tutorials will be a big help.

    • I taught myself by watching videos on youtube, and having to search for “left handed ones” since it’s very confusing watching a right-handed tutorial when you’re a leftie like me lol.

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