best layer of the month # September

old gals 02

Time to count how many eggs we collected in September!  Total egg count was 47 with Miss Moneypenny (centre of photo) laying 22 and Mauricette being the best layer this month, with 25.

No eggs as yet from the new gals.  No new photos either as I forgot to take photos earlier today and then the skies opened and we had lots of rain.  However, I am pleased to say, the new gals are settling in well.  There doesn’t seem to be any hen-pecking going on, although the “old gals” do tend to chase the young gals around somewhat, and are making sure they know their place.  Hens seem to keep together in pairs, with Moneypenny and Mauricette strutting about while Florence & Ruby stay at the opposite end of the enclosure, having to wait their turn to access the water fountain.  Sleeping arrangements are quite comical too, with the two old gals always heading up the ramp quite early, and getting the best places on the perches.  Florence & Ruby prefer to cuddle up together in a nesting box each night.  Whether it’s because there’s safety in numbers, or because they don’t feel comfortable sleeping on a perch yet, I don’t know.