carboot sale haul for July.

Regular readers will know I do love a good rummage at a local carboot sale whenever I get the opportunity.  Those of you who live in the US, the UK or Australia often have thrift shops or charity shops nearby, where you can enjoy a rummage, if that’s your idea of fun too. Sadly, in France, that kind of shop simply doesn’t exist, apart from Emmaus (founded  by Abbé Pierre) but you don’t find an Emmaus in/near every town.  So basically, if you’re looking for second-hand bargains in France, apart from the usual on-line auction sites (where you have to add on p&p costs), you have to wait for carboot season, which is generally during the summer months.

Anyhow . . . the husband and I got up at the crack of dawn a couple of Sundays in July and headed off to a few local carboot sales where we both spent some pennies and came home with a few goodies.  My haul as follows.


Three paperback books (1€ each) by the author Meg Cabot.  I’ve never read any of her books before but the covers tell me they’re definitely “chick lit” and are going to be light-reading.  Titles are:  “Size 12 is not fat”,  “Size 14 is not fat either” and “Big Boned”.  I’ll do a book review at some point once I’ve had time to read all three.


I also found one cute ragdoll, in pretty good condition, one cloth baby book and a very vintage Burda pattern.  Couldn’t resist any of the above, which totalled 1.50€ in cost.


Very pleased to spot a wooden kokeshi doll (1€) which measures 24cm tall.  Don’t often see kokeshi dolls at carboot sales in France so when I do, I tend to grab.

The other items there are always lots of . . . baby clothes.  Now, with my reborn & vinyl baby dolls, I’m supposed to be knitting, crocheting or sewing new outfits, but honestly, with people selling pristine baby clothes for peanuts, it’s hard not to grab a few items of clothing for dolls.




These last two, hand-knitted, probably by some clever grandma . . .  and so very well knitted too!

And, while I’m not supposed to be sharing doll photos here . . .

just one for the road.


A perfect fit!

6 thoughts on “carboot sale haul for July.

  1. Worth getting up early for then.
    I’ve noticed a bit of a dearth of vide greniers round here lately but, having frequented them so often for so long (due to vintage shop), and got up early on many Sundays only to be confronted with a handful of stalls with rubbish on them, I’m not too bothered. I’m down to two or three reliably good ones a year now. It sounds like I’m recovering from some sort of addiction doesn’t it?
    Baby clothes are always plentiful at these things so you will be their perfect customer!! 😉

    • yes there is a lot of rubbish around, but I usually come home with a few books and baby clothes ^^
      Was wondering have the BJD arrived yet? I’m off on another tangent with dolls at the moment, but you’ll have to visit my doll blog to learn about that ^^

  2. That truly is a great haul! I recognize the author’s name but can’t say that I’ve read any of her books. It’s good you’re around to rescue those hand knitted items. 🙂

    • I wondered if the grandma knew that her wonderful knitting was being sold off cheap at carboot sale lol. But at least I’ll take good care of the little cardie & sweater.

  3. You did get some good bargains. I’m not a fan of car boot sales, all that rubbish at high prices here. Mr E is a fan and I did go to one with him this year, he bought some plastic flower pots for a £1 but I didn’t find anything. Well done on rescuing the hand knits. I find it sad when you see hand made items for sale.

  4. Looks like you had fun 🙂
    I’ve read a couple of those books and I rather enjoyed them. As you say, chick lit and a nice light read. I also read all of her Princess diaries books 🙂

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