ScrapHappy # July (beware contains photos of dolls).

It’s 15th of the month, time to link up with Kate and Gun and share a ScrapHappy post!

Followers may remember some past clothes-making projects . . . which always provide many scraps for future projects.

Way back in June 2016 I made myself a wrap-around skirt


which left me with lots of scraps.  And in April of this year, I made a shirt

shirt 05

which also left me with scraps.

Both lots of fabric scraps called out to me when I saw a free pattern by Antique Lilac, to make doll dresses.  And since I had only recently unboxed some of my BJD dolls . . . it seemed like the ideal occasion to use a few scraps.  I had said I’d try and keep my doll hobby separate from this blog, and recently started a new blog especially for my dolls: Claire’s Collections.  But since today we’re talking about scraps . . . I’m afraid you have to put up with spooky dolls photos in order to appreciate the sewing.


Hence . . . one pretty summer dress in pink floral for Erin and one in more autumn shades for Kyra.

Erin, on the left, is approx 43cm tall but has quite a large bust. Kyra, on the right, is approx 45cm tall but has a very narrow torso and wide hips.  I therefore made alterations to the bodice part, as well as making a longer skirt for the pink floral.  Dolls look the same height in photos because Erin has proper BJD shoes with quite a thick sole & heel.


Whereas Kyra is wearing a pair of lace-up ankle boots I made, in the same fabric as her dress!  Found a tutorial for that here:  Sneakers.

18 thoughts on “ScrapHappy # July (beware contains photos of dolls).

    • I hope to make a few more pairs of shoes, to match future outfits perhaps. They were easy to make but it was more glueing than sewing and I’m not great friends with glue.

    • well to be honest, I’d rather have bought shoes, but Kyra has very strange shaped feet, and BJD shoes are terribly expensive to buy, even when the correct size can be had . . . so I’m on an economy drive, making my own.

  1. The doll dresses turned out super cute. And I love the shoes. I always loved to make doll dresses for old, porcelain dolls, so I know how addictive it can be. And the sneakers!! Not that I would be making any, but I tuned into the video to see how you did them. Very clever.

    • sneaker video was brilliant! I am always so grateful to generous people who put their ideas out there, with clear explanations of “how to”.

  2. Very creative and pretty uses for your scraps; you get pretty new clothes and your cute dolls get pretty new dresses too. I’d call that a win-win situations. Well done!

    • clothes making for humans always seems to leave loads of scraps, especially as I tend to buy in more fabric than required (for fear of running out).

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