it’s beginning to feel a lot like summer!

Well, it’s beginning to feel a lot like summer in my little corner of France.


And here’s me, in the shade, to show you that we set up our little “spa” in the garden yesterday.  I haven’t been for a dip yet, but it won’t be long before I do.  I even bought myself a new swimsuit for this summer and a pretty pair of flipflops


so I’m more than ready to take a cool, bubbly dip.

Other signs that summer is here . . . out in the veggie garden.


We’ve been enjoying fresh artichokes and plenty of fresh strawberries and raspberries.


In fact, the raspberries have been doing especially well this year! 

rasps 01

This lot picked in around 45 minutes . . . then 2 days later . . . there were even more

rasps 02

So, we’re getting plenty of fresh vitamins, but I’m also freezing raspberries with each harvest, as that’s a fruit I like to keep for yummy desserts during the winter months.  Typical me, summer has just begun and I’m already thinking ahead to winter! 


16 thoughts on “it’s beginning to feel a lot like summer!

  1. I am envious of your artichokes. I simply can’t get them to grow here. And I don’t have raspberries, but I do have blackberries and mine did much better this season too, though admittedly, not as well as your lovely raspberries. It’s nice to have the choice fruits and veg right in your own yard and not have to pay the grocer’s price to enjoy them!

    • our BlackBerry bushes were planted 4 years ago and this is the first year they’ve actually flowered and are producing fruit. The raspberries took off the very first year they were planted. The husband cuts them right back in the winter, and that seems to give them the incentive to really grow well in the spring.

    • good luck with your raspberries ^^
      Ours seem to be liking the very hot weather but the husband is making sure they get some water from time to time too.

  2. Wow–I’m excited if I get a handful of berries from my bushes–yours are really producing! And so far ahead of ours–we’re still at the flower stage. I don’t envy you that hot weather, though!

  3. Oh, all the good things of summer! And how exciting to have healed enough to wear flip flops!

    I remember on one of my 2 big trips to France, long ago, we visited Plouescat in Bretagne, in September. There were artichokes growing everywhere, and the man who rented us our cottage left fresh ones for us every day whole we were out and about. They were yummy!

    • fresh French artichokes obviously made a lasting impression on you ^^.
      We really enjoy them and it’s been great having our first bumper crop this year. Guess what we’ve just had for supper? Hard-boiled egg and an artichoke each followed by homemade natural yoghurt ^^

      • Yes, they did! I have never seen them growing before or since. There were fields of the things! Pretty and yummy!

        Your supper sounds delicious and summery.

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