Bel (or rather Beau) the unicorn

My crochet hook has been flying of late, with so many inspirational ideas out there, for cute animals . . . who could resist?  Not me! 


Awwww, what a cutie, eh?  This little chap, from the book “Unicorns, Dragons and more fantasy amigurumi” (gifted to me at Christmas by my daughter).


Pattern is by ANABU CROCHET and her version, in the book, is called “Bel”, with a pretty pale pink muzzle & hooves, and a multi-coloured rainbow mane & tail.  I decided to make my baby unicorn a little boy unicorn, so I’m calling him Beau.


I gave him a variagated mane & tail, using Marriner DK, and didn’t bother adding the extra detail (re pattern) on his little horn.  I think he looks perfect just the way he is.


He turned out so cute, I am going to crochet a second one, because I reckon Beau needs a little girl unicorn to keep him company.   Stay tuned!


20 thoughts on “Bel (or rather Beau) the unicorn

  1. OMG! He’s so adorable. Can’t wait to see his girlfriend 🙂
    What is the horn detail that you left out? I can’t see from the pic and I’m nosy LOL

    • should have used some embroidery thread to wind in a sort of spiral effect on the horn, but didn’t, since my amigurumis are usually intended for small people, and I avoid adding any détails which could be pulled by tiny hands, then chewed/swallowed/stuffed up nose etc lol

    • Sue, I taught myself to crochet, only 2 years ago, at the tender age of 53, which is proof it’s never to late to learn. Crochet is so much easier than knitting, and there are so many tutorials & free patterns out there.

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