a fresh coat of paint (or what the husband did)

A long while ago, BIL gave me an old rocking chair that he’d bought at a carboot sale.  Nothing antique, nothing special, just a basic wooden rocking chair.

make do 08

At the time, the husband just gave the wood a good clean and some TLC, while I quickly made a cushion & cover to protect the seat from cats’ claws.

Anyway . . . sincre repainting the living room walls white, and since a recent trip to ACTION, where the husband bought some “chalk paint” . . . and because we’ve had several rainy days, when it was too wet for the husband to keep busy in the garden . . . I suggested he might like to give the rocking chair a make-over.  And he did lol.


He used several greens, including a lime green, as well as white . . . sanding and giving the wood a somewhat “distressed” look, because I had said I didn’t want it to look brand new or freshly painted. 


I love it! 


And now, I need to rifle through my fabric drawers, to find the perfect fabrics for a brand new seat cover.