can’t take me anywhere!

My husband can’t take me anywhere without me finding crafting goodies to “ooooh & aaaahhh!” over . . . resulting, of course, in me coming home with loads of totally unnecessary crafting supplies to add to my ever growing stash.  The other day, since we were heading into town anyway, I mentioned that I’d like to stop off at ACTION on the way home “Just to buy a couple of plastic storage boxes” for my very healthy stash of DK yarn (which could no longer be contained in the 2 boxes I initially bought). 

I found the boxes I was looking for, bought two, so now my stash of Stylecraft DK is looking very organised.

shopping 04

But of course, my shopping didn’t stop there.  I also grabbed

shopping 01

for future amigurumi projects because those colours inspired me with thoughts of dragons, unicorns and other mythicial creatures, including mermaids. 

Then . . . I spotted these for only 1.59€ each.

shopping 02

shopping 03

Initially thinking I’d have fun making up myself, to gift to little neighbours . . . but then thinking they’ll be easy enough for a child to make, with supervision, and that I will probably gift the unmade kits, which will then keep little hands busy for a few hours.

In my defense, I wasn’t alone in finding goodies to bring home though.  The husband also helped to fill up the basket with a couple of bottles of chalk paint and two wooden “insect hotels” for less than 2.50€ each which have already been installed outside . . . and the husband realising he should have bought a few more lol.  Here’s one in place on the back wall of the garage . . . it will be interesting to see if any insects decide to move in. 

shopping 08

Anyway, we did leave a few things in the shop for other customers and prices in ACTION are always so low, we came home very happy with our crafty bargains.

I do have to add though, that the husband doesn’t even need to take me out for me to find an excuse to add to my stash.  I’ve only recently discovered a new (to me) French on-line store called Buttinette which stocks supplies for literally every craft imaginable.  I spent several evenings having a thorough look through all the different categories . . . and since I then decided to order in a few bits for the husband’s birthday later this month, I just had to buy a couple of their patchwork fabric stash packs, so that I spent enough to get free p&p lol.

shopping 05

Yellows & greens, with flowers and bunny rabbits.

shopping 06

And a pack in blues & pinks with birds, flowers and dandelion seeds.

Please don’t ask what I’m going to make with these, because I have absolutely no idea!  I thought the colours & prints were fun, loved the price of 9.95€ for a pack of 7 coordinating cottons (30cm x 70cm).  I’ll definitely be going back for more goodies on this site.  They stock a wide variety of fabrics for crafting & clothes making,  . . . haberdashery, quilting supplies, crochet & knitting supplies, and so much more!