best layer of the month # April

We’ve had a few weird eggs in the nesting boxes this month.  All laid by Miss Moneypenny:  several funny shapes, a couple with soft shells, and then this


This isn’t an optical illusion due to perspective . . . it’s teeny tiny, hardly bigger than a quail’s egg, and only containing egg white.

Miss Moneypenny seems to be in fine fettle, but I reckon the odd egg-laying must be because she’s starting to get on in years.  Total egg count this month (not counting the soft shells, which were a flattened mess in the nest) was 77 eggs.  Miss Moneypenny’s contribution was 24, or I suppose only 23 and a half, as we can hardly call the above an egg!  Miss Plumpton also laid 24 – all normal sized.  And Mauricette was the winner this month, with 29 eggs.


6 thoughts on “best layer of the month # April

  1. Love the hen updates.
    What a funny wee egg. Pretty interesting the size and shells of the eggs.
    A big hand to all of the hard working hens. ~applause~

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