lots of greens

It’s that time of year . . . when those with green fingers are outdoors, on their hands & knees, getting their hands dirty, and either weeding or busily planting for the new growing season.  I’m not one of those people.  I enjoy sitting out in the garden, but I leave all the work to the husband.  I also enjoy eating fresh home-grown veggies, but again, I leave that to the husband.

It’s still a little early in the season to be planting certain crops, but we have begun enjoying a few home-grown vegetables . . . ones that survive from one year to the next.  The newest growing experiment here is: asparagus.  The husband and a neighbour decided, last year, that they were going to give asparagus a go.  They therefore bought in loads of sand last summer, to build their sand mounds and bought some asparagus plants that were already a couple of years old (if I followed the proceedings correctly).  Anyway, despite hens escaping and having fun in the sand earlier this month . . . and despite Ducky enjoying a sand bath too . . . the husband (and neighbour) have been comparing sand mounds and counting all the shoots coming through.

veg 03

We’ve already enjoyed four (very modest) harvests.

veg 02

Here’s a batch, fresh from the sand. 

Another survivor, despite hens reeking havoc, is the chard.  That was planted from seed last Spring, and we enjoyed a healthy harvest last year.  The husband left it in the ground over the winter months.  The hens pecked it half to death in March . . . but now hens can no longer escape, the chard is flourishing . . . and how lovely it is, just to wander out and harvest just enough fresh veg for a healthy dinner for two.

veg 01

So, plenty of greens in the veggie garden . . . and a little bit of greenery indoors too.  We redecorated our living room late Feb to early March.  Nothing very exciting. Just ripping off old wall paper, then giving walls a coat of white paint, and painting the ceiling inbetween wooden beams.  Once that was done, everything looked very white, and a little bare . . . so the husband had fun with some paper napkins.


They were my idea, as was the ivy motif, but it was the husband who did the actual work.  My job was supposed to be making new covers for our sofas.  That started off well, but then I stalled.  It’s something I need to get motivated about, but I seem to have found other things to distract me since!


19 thoughts on “lots of greens

  1. Yum! Your asparagus crowns are obviously very healthy and already several years old, or you’d only be getting scrawny little stems. The older, the fatter. Bit like me, really!

    • ah you seem to know a lot about asparagus! Yes, I think they’re 3 years old already, although I didn’t know they were called “crowns”.

      • I grew mine from tiny weedy little things only a year old, waited patiently for 3 years not cutting the spears, as instructed, and then Wham! The minute they were old enough to cut and eat, I had the Great Plague of Snails. I decided that in future, I’d let someone else do the growing!

  2. I’m with you on the delegation of gardening duties. I’d only get told I’d done something wrong anyway if I dared venture into that territory.
    I love asparagus – even though it makes for strange smelling wees – but I’m not keen on the fat white stuff the French seem to prefer. I like the slender, tender, green stems. Fascinating to see it growing though.

    • we actually have both the green and the white variety, but white seems to grow faster. Husband prefers the green, but I’ll eat anything.

    • I blame my distaste of gardening on my parents, you know. They loved gardening and used to drag me and my sister out visiting the gardens of stately homes at weekends, with the inevitable stop off at the local garden centre on the way home.

    • yes, these are the first fresh veg this year if we don’t count some very tiny brocoli in March. Husband is already planning what he’s going to plant late May and I just nod & lick my lips lol

  3. DH stacked two of our garden boxes together last fall and made an asparagus bed, but we will have to wait for a year or two or three. Your chard looks amazing, we planted some of that too! And, big news….there are eight babies out in the coop!

  4. I love the idea of a garden – but not the work (unlike like that virtuous “Little Red Hen”). Your asparagus looks delish!

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