the “dances with hens” shirt (see & sew B6270)

On 9th of this month, I showed you my first ever sewing project with sleeves and a collar.

shirt 01

made following the pattern

shirt pattern

Well, I was so pleased with how it turned out, I was raring to make a second one.  For my second version, I went for the rounded shirt tails, on both front & back, but kept sleeves as 3/4 and the grandad style collar. 

And just to make things a little different, I decided to use a white “piqué” cotton for the collar, front yokes and the button loopy bits.


Main fabric is a very fun feather print . . . hence the Indian name for this new version of the shirt:  “Dances with hens” lol.


I really love it!   It looks so different from the first version, because of the bright colours. 



Just look how cleverly the feathers match up when sleeves are rolled!


Everything went ever so smoothly this time around.  Collar went on first time.  Sleeve insertion was still rather daunting, but I’d done it before, so I knew I could do it again.  Overall, it really was a joy to make and I am already planning on making it a third time!  I’m even toying with the idea of making the proper pointy collar of version B for my next attempt, despite having said that I don’t like pointy collars.  Definitely won’t be adding a pocket or going for the full length sleeves though. 


25 thoughts on “the “dances with hens” shirt (see & sew B6270)

  1. It’s very pretty, and I do like the contrast of the white details. How very cooperative of the fabric to line up like that on the sleeve turnups! I think it’s a good idea to do a version with the pointy collar; then at least they won’t make you nervous any more. In fact, maybe make just the collar as a toile using scrap, so that by the time you come to the actual shirt you’ve overcome the scary bits?

    • thanks Cathy ^^ One of the reasons I used white for yokes & collar, was so I didn’t have to worry about pattern matching those bits.

  2. No more buying shirts for you. With just these subtle tweaks this and the last one look completely different and I love the way you inserted the white “pique” cotton. I can see a whole wardrobe of pretty shirts/blouses with so many cute fabrics to choose from you will be completely hooked. Good luck with the pointy collar.

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