easy trousers (NewLook #6399)

After the success of my first ever shirt . . . I was on a roll, and decided to try one of the trouser patterns I’ve had in my stash for years.

trouser pattern

Namely: NewLook #6399.  Pattern cover states “easy 2 hour” . . . with the little asterix lower down, specifiying this is “sewing time only per item” lol.  There were only 4 pattern pieces to pin and cut out, so preparation didn’t take forever, and surprisingly neither did the sewing together!  I did make the job slightly harder for myself than I needed to though.  Rather than cutting into any of the bought fabrics in my stash, I picked an unknown fabric, that I inherited from MIL.  Not the slightest idea what it was, although I suspect it’s what’s called a “Jacquard” fabric since it looks woven not printed.

trouser fabric

The raw edges had all this blue & yellow thread escaping, but the fabric itself looks beige, from a distance, with shimmers of blue depending on what angle you look at it.  Anyway . . . while pressing before pattern cutting, it seemed okay with a hot setting on the iron, as long as iron didn’t stay on one spot for too long.  Some scorching happened later in the making process . . . so I’m guessing it’s not cotton lol.  Whatever it is, it wrinkles quite a bit.  Frays abominably, and all seams had to be overlocked . . . but I was determined to use it for my first attempt with this pattern as my “toile”.

Pattern sizing had me somewhat confused.  It has “Misses” sizes (like the shirt pattern) so I ended up just getting out the tape measure and cutting out the size which corresponded to my hip measurement.  That (sadly) was the largest pattern size (EU 42 or FR 44).  Rather too large than too tight, is my motto!

As always . . . I didn’t follow the pattern completely.  Was making view A (the full length trouser version) but didn’t see the need for the ribbon in the waist band.  That band is there to encase 5cm wide elastic.  I honestly didn’t see why I would need a draw string ribbon in as well.  Especially since that would just make for volume under a top.

trousers 01

Anyway . . . one serious sewing session of about 3 hours.  Followed by an hour’s sewing the next day to finish off hems . . . and I have a pair of very comfortable pull-on trousers!  [For Tialys . . . I also seem to be related to David Nivon aka “The Brain” lol.  Not sure why my head is always cocked to that side for photos].

trousers 02a

This second photo to show the waist band, which isn’t actually on waist, as pattern stipulates “worn 1 inch below waist”.  Not quite sure I see the point in having the open flappy bits at the ankles.  Maybe my fabric is too lightweight, but all that opening does is make the leg hang funnily.   Maybe I’ve left the hem too long?    Anyway . . . I am glad I didn’t bother with the extra draw-string ribbon bit.  Trousers sit nicely with just the wide elastic.  And, in case you’re wondering, because I certainly was . . . the pieces  of fabric for the elastic casing are cut on the bias.  So even in a non-stretchy fabric like this one, the band has just enough stretch to pull trousers up over bum and then sit 1” below waist, comfortably, where hips (and love handles) prevent trousers from falling down lol.

Please note new shoes also!  I found this pair of TMA “desert boots” in Noz the other week, priced only 15€ and they fit, so I grabbed TWO identical pairs.


I think they’re lots of fun!  Well, a lot more fun than wearing mens’ black trainers all the time.  I’ve got my orthopedic insoles now (to be worn religiously for at least 12 months until my next check-up) and since these are a German brand, they size up nice & wide, so I can get insoles AND feet in without too much of a squeeze, provided I wear pop-socks.

Before I sign off for today . . . I’ll leave you with a photo of 3 new fabrics bought recently, with a mind to another shirt and more trousers (maybe with a zip fastener next time!).

new fabrics

The green & white print is a polycotton.  I grabbed that because it was only 5€ for a 3 metre length.  Total bargain!  And the other two are cotton (with 4% elastathane) gabardines.  15€ for 3 metres of each . . . I’m seeing two pairs of trousers and one polycotton shirt, with maybe a pair of polycotton shorts for this summer.    We’ll see!